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Last Updated: May 7, 2023

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DM HOUSE RULE: characters can attune to number of magic items = 1 + proficiency bonus

**** = item available


  • Dragonguard - Adamantine Breastplate +1, no crits against you, adv on saves vs dragon type breath (rare)
  • Elven Glamerweave - Glamoured Elven Chain Shirt +1 with Glamerweave (rare)
  • Green Dragon Scale Mail - Scale Mail +1, advantage vs Frightful Presence and dragon breath weapons, resistance vs poison, detect green dragons (very rare, requires attunement)
  • Netheril Splint Armor - Splint Armor +1 (rare)
  • Pearl's Plate - Unbreakable Celestial Cast-off Adamantine Plate Armor, no crits against you (uncommon)


  • Cormyrean Greatshield - Arrow-Catching Shield (rare, requires attunement)
  • Cormyrean Greatshield - Shield of Missile Attraction (rare, requires attunement, cursed)
  • Dwarven Warshield - Shield +1, voice heard for 300 ft, loud clang if shield hit (uncommon)
  • Heraldic Shield - Shield +2, display any heraldic symbol (rare)
  • Sentinel Shield - Sentinel Shield +1, advantage on initiative rolls and Perception checks (uncommon)


    DM HOUSE RULE: Oils/Potions/Poisons can be used/drunk/applied as a bonus action

  • Oil of Stone to Flesh - undo petrification (rare)
  • Poison - Giant Centipede - CON save = DC 11, 3d6 poison damage, paralysis (rare)
  • Potion of Bless - drinker only under effect of "Bless" spell (uncommon)
  • Potion of Haste - drinker only under effect of "Haste" spell (rare) - aka Potion of Speed


  • Merfolk Friendship Ring - +1 AC, +1 saves, breathe water, swim speed, speak aquan (rare, requires attunement)


  • Scrolls

  • Infinite Scroll - cast one spell, once per day, maybe (rarity varies, requires attunement by spellcaster)


  • Bird Glass Staff - Staff of Defence, +1 AC, cast "mage armor", "shield", bird calls (rare, requires attunement)
  • Feather Staff a.k.a. "The Tickler" - Celestial Quarterstaff +1 hit/damage, cast "feather fall" (uncommon)
  • Spider Staff - Fiendish Adamantine Quarterstaff, does +1d6 extra poison damage/hit, cast "spider climb", "web" (rare, adamantine, requires attunement)
  • Staff of the Open Hand - staff of striking, ki points, minor healing (sentient, requires attunement by monk)


  • Deikonran Stunner - Wand of Lightning Bolts (rare, requires attunement by a spellcaster)


  • Bertha - Mace, Deikonran's favourite weapon (non-magical)
  • Damaging Weapon - Weapon, grants bonus damage type, maybe bonus special effect (rarity varies, requires attunement) - UNDER DEVELOPMENT
  • Deikonran Poker - Shortbow +1 (uncommon)
  • Flattener - Large Ogre Maul, 4d6 base damage, disadvantage to hit since too big (non-magical)
  • Flying Stabby - Javelin, Deikonran's favourite weapon (non-magical)
  • Hew - Silver Battleaxe +2, max damage vs plants, Deikonran's favourite weapon (rare, silvered)
  • Javelin of Destruction - Javelin, +4d6 lightning (uncommon, consumable)
  • Lightbringer - Mace +1, sheds light on command, +1d6 radiant damage vs undead (uncommon)
  • Mace of the Moonmaiden - Silver Mace +1, detects lycanthropes r=120 ft (uncommon, silvered)
  • Pounder - Large Ogre Greatclub +1: 2d8 base damage, but disadvantage to hit since too big (uncommon)
  • Rattlesnake Lash - Whip of Warning +1 (uncommon, requires attunement)
  • Spear of Wounding - Magic Spear, wounding (rare, requires attunement)
  • Talon - Silver Longsword +1 (uncommon, silvered)
  • Tango - Shortsword +1 (uncommon)
  • Tenderizer - Maul, Deikonran's favourite weapon (non-magical)
  • Thor's Javelin - Magic Javelin, +4d6 lightning, lightning/thunder resistance (uncommon, requires attunement)
  • WoNo - Great Axe, Deikonran's favourite weapon (non-magical)

    Wonderous Items

  • Boots of Elvenkind and False Tracks stealth at adv, fake huanoid prints (uncommon)
  • Cape of the Manta Ray Mountebank teleport, breathe water, swim speed (rare)
  • Cloak of the Elven Montebank teleport, stealth at adv, other's perception at dis (rare, requires attunement)
  • Gleaming Gauntlets of Ogre Power - gauntlets of ogre power, STR=19 (uncommon, requires attunement)
  • Goggles of the Owlette - dark vision, minute seeing (uncommon)
  • Jebalek's Clockwork Amulet - clockwork amulet, +2 initiative, to hit roll= 10 + bonuses 1/day (common)
  • Moon Cloak - +1 AC, +1 saves, water walking (uncommon, requires attunement)
  • Pearl of the Moon - pearl of power (uncommon, requires attunement)
  • Periapt of Immunity and Good Fortune - immune disease and poison, heal via booze, dictate fate (rare)
  • Scuro's Gauntlets of Ogre Power - gauntlets of ogre power, STR=19 (uncommon, requires attunement)
  • Scuro's Double-Proof Periapt - periapt of health and proof against poison (rare)
  • Selune's Crescent Moon Amulet - Amulet of the Devout, Selune worshippers only (varies, requires attunement by a cleric or paladin)


  • Tablet of Anodresh - lord of the underworld
  • Tablet of Bheleu - destruction
  • Tablet of Oblok - war leader
  • Tablet of Shaneenah - love
  • Tablet of Tbd - to be determined


  • Cormyrean Greatshield - Shield of Missile Attraction (rare, requires attunement, cursed)


  • Staff of the Open Hand - staff of striking, ki points, minor healing (sentient, requires attunement by monk)

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