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Intolerance: Orcs

  • Ska'arr has an irrational dislike of Orcs (i.e. anything with "Orc Blood" racial ability, thus he is also intolerant of Half-Orcs and Orogs.)
  • Ska'arr (and any group that he is visibly associated with) will recieve a -4 to all social based rolls as applied to any charisma checks to influence an Orc NPC's attitude or to the following charisma based skills (bluff, diplomacy, disguise, gather information, intimidate, perform) when dealing/interacting with Orcs (i.e. he will make snide insulting remarks under his breath, give offending Orc(s) the old evil eye, etc...)

    Phobia: Vermin

  • Ska'arr is afflicted by a phobia and persistent fear of any and all vermin.
  • Vermin (as defined in the Monster Manual) include: centipede swarm, giant insects, locust swarm, monstrous centipedes, monstrous scorpions, monstrous spiders and spider swarm.
  • He realizes that the fear is excessive and irrational, but the fear is disturbing enough that he avoids the stimulus.
  • A DC 15 Will save is required for Ska'arr to be able to force himself into (or remain within) the presence of any and all vermin, and even then, he will take a -2 morale penalty to all attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks and ability checks so long as the object of the fear remains.

    Character Stats

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    Part 1 - The Boy

    Lord Dane watched the boy run through the fields of the manor. The boy will make a fine warrior one day, he thought proudly. Already past his eleventh winter, the boy's strength could rival that of many full-grown men. The boy had worked the fields and hunted in the forest alongside his father, learning skills he would need to survive as he grew older in this harsh and wild land. Other days were spent learning the forms and proper usage of the weapons he will need to use to defend himself and those under his care from the marauding orcs and other monsters that roamed through the deep forests and far off mountain clefts.

    Like other afternoons, the boy ran through the kitchen, sampling the stew meant for dinner later that evening. Servants playfully scolded him as he raced by. His feet soon brought him to the Grand Hall of the Old Log Manor. As ever, Lord Faragut was at his mother's side, ready to provide advice on all sorts of matters. The Lady Tabitha bade the boy sit down so she could continue with his studies, teaching the boy the art of reading and writing, and all manner of secret things and lost knowledge.

    The day's passed happily like this, flowing from one to the next.

    Then disaster struck. The orc raiders were swift and furious. The horde descended upon the manor without mercy. They were relentless, even as their numbers dropped from the efforts of the defenders. The boy's mother and father, working together as a team, slew score after score of the monsters, but even they were no match for the hundreds arrayed against them, and one by one, the defender's fell, until there was naught but the boy and Lord Faragut.

    The cruel orc raised his sword arm above the boy and brought it down hard. All went dark. The boy died that night, and Ska'arr was born...

    Part 2 - The Slave

    Coming soon...

    Part 3 - The Escape

    Coming soon...

    Prologue - Carnival Caravan and the Road to Triboar...
    As Ska'arr rounded the top of the next hill, he could see a road meandering through the valley. A caravan of gaudily-coloured wagons stood out like a sore thumb against the natural green of the nearby trees and bushes. Even from this distance, he could see that this was no ordinary caravan. Strange beasts prowled back and forth in steel cages, claws striking out from between the bars, seeking fresh meat to feast upon. A motley crew of individuals drove and rode upon the wagons, their clothes garish and bright. Guards watched the road around them from horseback, oblivious to the real danger.

    There, concealed from view by the foliage, lay four orc raiders, scouting the numbers of their unsuspecting victims. Ska'arr could hear there guttural whispers as they boasted about the terrors they would soon inflict once they reported back to their chieftain and returned with a much larger overwhelming force.

    "No!", thought Ska'arr, "Never again will innocents be harmed by these brutal monsters."

    Ska'arr unleashed the Beast, and with a primal fury, launched himself into the midst of the orc scouts. Lord Faragut was there, at his back, watching for attacks from behind. The spiked chain in his hand twirled, twisted and tripped opponents, as though it were alive, striking like a serpent, slapping swords away, while savaging gray sinewy flesh and breaking orc bones, again and again, without pause.

    The commotion drew the attention of the caravan guards, and a small scouting party rode out to investigate the disturbance. By the time they arrived, it was all over. The orcs lay dead, their battered weapons and bodies pulverised by Ska'arr's mighty blows.

    "Well met stranger", said the guard, "I am Marlan, and I see we are in your debt".

    "I am Ska'arr, and this is Lord Faragut, and the Beast. A hot meal to fill our belly, and good mead to quench our thirst is all the thanks we need for slaying orcs", answered Ska'arr, "but tell me, what manner of merchants are you to have such an odd assortment of beasts and crew?".

    "And you call us 'odd' ", Marlan laughed, "we are not any 'manner of merchants' at all...No... we are a travelling carnival. Come, let's get you that feast you so richly deserve, and let me introduce you to our troupe leader. Perhaps we can convince you to travel with us to Triboar, for the road seems full of more orcs then there ought to be lately, and we could use more strong arms amongst us."

    "Then lead on, my friend" said Ska'arr, "and fear not, I promise you an orc-free ride for the remainder of our journey to Triboar."

    "If you can manage that, then I will personally buy you a few round of drinks", Marlan promised, "and it won't be that piss-water shit that Kevros the half-orc keeps in stock at the Talking Troll. No, it will be some of MacGuffin's good stuff at the Triboar Arms"

    Local Knowledge

    Triboar has lived up to its reputation as one of the busiest hubs of "The North". In your first couple of days in this northern outpost, you have seen all manner of man and beast. Your eyes have gazed on wonders that you could not even begin to imagine.

    But you are not here to gawk at the wares of merchants - rather you are here to make your fame and fortune. And one particular legend has drawn you here.

    Throughout the lands, tales of lost treasures abound, but for you, one particular tale resonated with you - the tale of the "Lost Guide". His name and the reason he was hauling this treasure have become obscured by time and a generation of drunken retellings of the tale in countless inns and alehouses - but the essence of the tale has always remained - just over 30 years ago, the "Lost Guide" disappeared somewhere between Triboar and Yartar, his wagon rumoured to be ladened with sacks of gold and other wondrous "treasures".

    Your righthand absentmindedly begins to stroke - almost lovingly - the scar that brands your face. Your tongue passes over wind dried lips as you think of the treasure and what it will help you to do - to become. For you will need the gold to buy the weapons and armour that will allow you to strike fear into the hearts and souls of the goblinkin - to become the most feared Orcslayer of the North and all of Faerun.

    The snap of a twig behind you catches the attention of the Beast and as you whip around - your chain humming its song of death - to face your attacker, you see the outstretched hands and bemused face of Kevward Dragonsoultouched - one of the Stalkers of the Silent Path that you met in the town square of Triboar.

    Recognizing a kindred spirit in you - a follower of Shaundakul - he had kindly offered to help in your search for more information related to the treasure of the "Lost Guide" after an unfortunate incident with the doorman at the Everwyvern House.

    He had suggested that the tranquility of Gwaeron’s Slumber would be a salve to your "civilization" frayed nerves.

    You let your chain drop to the ground - obvious that he had purposefully stepped on the twig to bring your attention to his presence - the Beast as quick to be stirred to action, is now calm.

    "It is as I suspected," he began, "It is Zandever "Nighteyes" Eyredanus - one of the most famous and beloved of the Triboar based guides - that you need to seek out. He has been delving into the mystery of the "Lost Guide" for years and he - if anyone can - will be able to help focus your search."

    "And you are in luck," he continued. "It is said that he is currently in a glen just north of here - just outside of Gwaeron’s Slumber. It is one of his favourite places when he feels he needs to reconnect with wilderness." He tosses a silver medallion hanging on a silver chain at you - the face of the medallion etched with the image of a single eye. "This will let "Nighteyes" know that you are a friend."

    Kevward points in the direction you should go, explaining that it is only a half hours’ walk and that he must attend to other business and so will take his leave.

    As you get up, he restrains you with an upheld hand.

    "Why not join the Stalkers in our quest to eradicate this land of the orcs and their brethren! Your mighty chain would be a fine addition to our ranks."

    His offer causes you to pause just for an instant, before replying "Perhaps once I have found the treasure I will join your noble cause - for with that treasure, I will become the bane of all orc kind." Your face breaks out into a savage grin and he matches your intensity as he grips your forearm in the universal sign of friendship.

    As he glides away into the forest, he glances back over his shoulder and shouts to you, "Remember - scars tell you where you have been, they do not portent where you will go." And with that he was gone, swallowed by the trees and underbrush.

    True to his word, it was only a half hour hike to the glen. As you break through the trees, you notice a man kneeling in front of what appears to be a stone altar. A dark cloak is draped over his shoulders - the hood pulled over his head and his back is to you. The Beast growls and the Lord Faragut screeches a warning, but nothing seems amiss - indeed, the scene is almost idyllic.

    You decide to approach silently and wait for this "Nighteyes" to finish his contemplations.

    As you step forward, the world goes dark ...

    Campaign Notes

    "Who needs all that silent and hiding crap?"
    "I say, let'em know I'm after 'em. Make'm sweat"

  • Dane, Father of Ska'arr
  • Tabitha, Mother of Ska'arr


    Knowing that the Talking Troll is rumoured to be owned by Kevros, a half-orc, Ska'arr will happily comment on the "smell of orc piss" wafting through the air and is more then happy to cause the owner some grief by trashing the place in a bar brawl...


    As a follower of Shaundakul, he strives to explore the wilds around him, and protect travellers along the road. He is uncomfortable in large cities.

    Ska'arr has a wicked ugly scar starting on the right-side of his face on the forehead, then crossing his eyebrow and the bridge of his nose, then down along his left cheek to his jaw.

  • He doesn't talk about how he got this scar. And goes dangerously silent towards anyone who inquires about it.

    He will, however, keep track of all his other scars that he gets, either through combat or other injury/damage, and then proudly boast about these ones. Hey! You gotta have some tales of bravado to impress the yokels and wenches in the local tavern or watering hole.

    Chapter 1

  • 1 bite from a Skum (10 hp)
    Chapter 2
  • 1 bite from a Skum (5 hp)
  • 1 bite from a Giant Centipede (1 hp + poison-saved)
  • 1 bite from a Skum (8 hp)
  • feet burned by Gray Ooze's acid (5 hp)
    Chapter 3
  • Ro-Lund-Do's crossbow bolt (7 hp)
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
  • Ska'arr's spiked chain (22 hp - from self, critical failure)
  • Wight's claw (4 hp + energy level drain)
    Chapter 7
  • Cadavar Golem's fists(21 hp, 14 hp and 15 hp)
  • Owlbear's claws and bites (6 hp, 10 hp and 7 hp)
  • Manticore's volley of spikes (17 hp)
    Chapter 8
  • foot in spiked pit (2 hp)
  • lightning bolt through mirror (28 hp)
  • orc sargeant (10 hp, 9 hp, 10 hp)
  • Thrull, orc in full plate (11 hp, 14 hp)
    Chapter 9
  • 1 orc crossbow bolt (3 hp)
    Chapter 10
  • 1 orc crossbow bolt (critical hit 12 hp)
  • Ro-Lund-Do's grave mist spell (1 hp, 3 hp)
  • 1 orc crossbow bolt (3 hp)
  • orc sargeant (11 hp)
  • orc brute with great club (14 hp)
    Chapter 11
  • jump down (fall) from 20 ft onto rubble (7 hp)
  • 1 orc arrow (9 hp)
  • 2 orc crossbow bolts (12 hp)
    Chapter 12
  • 1 orc spear (7 hp)
    Chapter 13
  • scorching ray spell x2 (38 hp)
  • 3 orc arrows (7 hp, 8 hp, 5 hp)
  • 3 orc greataxe (10 hp, 11 hp, 6 hp)
    Chapter 14
  • firetrap (10 hp)
  • blade trap (6 hp + poison for another 6 hp, -1 CON)
  • 2 mummy slams/fire (18 hp, 16 hp)
    Chapter 15
  • yellow musk creeper vine slap (6 hp)
    Chapter 16
  • ettin skeleton (9 hp)
    Chapter 17
  • apparition's cold touch (WIS -2 ability damage)
  • face flesh rippers x3 (CHA -7 ability damage)
  • Ska'arr smash flask of acid in face (1 hp)
  • Shribryn dagger (6 hp) and deathmark (30 hp fire)
  • small purple humanoid undead critters x2 (5 hp)
  • chill touch (5 hp and STR -1 ability damage, shaken condition)
  • ogre zombie club (16 hp)
  • flamestrike trap (21 hp)
  • spear trap (5 hp)
    Chapter 18
  • chain lightning trap (18 hp)
  • cone of cold (20 hp)
  • ghoul (5 hp)
  • cone of cold (26 hp)
  • vampire ogre critical hit (46 hp)
  • melf's acid arrow trap (70 hp)
  • ghoul (5 hp)
  • enervation ray (2 negative levels = 7 hours)
  • enervation ray (1 negative level = 2 hours)
  • ice storm (21 hp)
    Chapter 19
  • deamon-fey icestorm (14 hp bludgeon, 9 hp cold)
  • stone golem (10 hp, 14 hp)
  • iron golem (13 hp, 23 hp)
  • fumble, hit self (21 hp)
  • iron golem (12 hp)
  • explosive runes (12 hp, 13 hp)
  • fall into water trap (36 hp)
  • electric jolt trap (9 hp)
  • crushing maw tunnel trap (29 hp, 17 hp)
    Chapter 20
  • necro earth elemental (23 hp and 1 negative level)
  • Pelias fireball (16 hp, made his save)
  • necro earth elemental (15 hp and 1 negative level)
  • necro earth elemental (22 hp and 1 negative level)
    Chapter 21
  • undead monk (5 hp, 10 hp)
  • fumble, hit self (3 hp + 1 hp)
  • undead monk (9 hp, 8 hp)
    Chapter 22
  • Red Wizard fireball (22 hp)
  • female half-orc rogue (29 hp + 1 CON)
  • female half-orc rogue (3 hp + 1 CON)
  • female half-orc rogue (10 hp + 1 CON)
  • female half-orc rogue (3 hp + 1 CON)
  • Red Wizard fireball (30 hp: brought to -8 hp)
  • male dwarf bodyguard (18 hp + 1 CON)
    Chapter 23
  • cold (20 hp, 18 hp)
  • bite (2 hp)
  • javalin (4 hp)
  • great club (21 hp)
  • sword (36 hp + 8 hp wounding damage)
  • symbol (insane)
    Chapter 24
  • Rolundo's Spiritual Hammer (9 hp)
  • fog (cause blindness, cause deafness)
  • babau demon's claw attacks (5 hp, 2 hp, 5 hp, 3 hp)
    Chapter 25
  • troll claw (3 hp)
  • Shybrin fireball (9 hp)
  • fall (4 hp)
  • intellect devourer (6 CHA, 2 CHA)
  • troll claw (12 hp, 10 hp)
    Chapter 26
  • TBD


    Chapter 12: Tragically, the Beast was slain. Shribryn was facing 3 orcs at the top of a flight of stairs. The Beast heroicly charged at the one in the middle and ripped out its throat. Before he could react, the other 2 orcs each impaled him with their spears, fatally injuring the Beast. Ska'arr enacted swift and deadly revenge.


    Chapter 13: The Beast was cremated and Ska'arr is carrying his ashes.


    Chapter 14: Returned to the orc citidel to find a large Brown Bear severly injured. Ska'arr befriended and healed the bear, and now it follows him around like a lost puppy.


    Chapter 15: trained the bear to "come" and "down", teaching him to attack.


    Chapter 16: trained the bear to "attack", teaching him to attack anything


    Chapter 17: Lord Faragut slain by vampiric mindflayer while valiantly leading it away and saving Baron Longtooth. Ska'arr is carrying Lord Faragut's corpse, in the hopes of restoring him to life.


    Chapter 18: Throar raises Lord Faragut from the dead within the undead plane. Although Lord Faragut seems to have come back, Ska'arr's empathic link tells him that something else seems to have come back through death's door and is hitching a ride on Lord Faragut's soul.


    Chapter 19: Baron Longtooth was smeared by an iron golem and reduced to -61 hp. Lord Faragut was killed when crushed by the crushing maw tunnel trap and reduced to -10 hp. Baron Longtooth is gone for good, but Ska'arr has recovered Lord Faragut in the hopes of bringing back his and his mother's longtime advisor.


    Chapter 20: Once outside the undead plane, Thraor raises Lord Faragut once again from the dead. Hopefully nothing hitched a ride back with his soul this time.


    Chapter 21: Blackhammer has asked for aid against the orcs, at Gwaeron's Slumber learned that wargs, trolls, ogres, and orcs were the "beasts" tormenting the rural folk, received Gwaeron's blessing (skill focus: survival +3) as a bonus feat for all existence on this plane.

    CL13	s2	fighter bonus feat - weapon focus +1 hit
    CL14	s3	CL = 8 spells 0:3+3T, 1:3+1+3T, 2:2+1+3T, 3: 2+1+3T, 4:1+0+3T
    CL14	s3	ignore spell failure = 15%
    CL15	s4	channel spell 3/day
    CL15	C15	bonus feat - weapon specialization +2 dam
    CL16	s5	CL = 9 spells 0:3+3T, 1:3+1+3T, 2:3+1+3T, 3: 2+1+3T, 4:1+0+3T, 5:0+0+3T 
    CL16	s5	ignore spell failure = 20%
    CL16	A16	STR +1 = 22
    CL17	s6	channel spell 4/day
    CL18	s7	CL = 10 spells 0:3+3T, 1:3+1+3T, 2:3+1+3T, 3: 2+1+3T, 4:2+0+3T, 5:1+0+3T
    CL18	s7	ignore spell failure = 25%
    CL18	C18	bonus feat - melee weapon mastery: piercing +2/+2
    CL19	s8	channel spell 5/day
    CL20	s9	CL = 11 spells 0:3+3T, 1:3+1+3T, 2:3+1+3T, 3: 3+1+3T, 4:2+0+3T, 5:1+0+3T, 6:0+0+3T
    CL20	s9	ignore spell failure = 30% 
    CL20	A20	ability increase
    CL 8 Spell Book
    4 Abjur:	lesser globe of invulnerability
    4  Evoc:  Shout
    Obtain following spells elsewhere (buy/trade)
    1 Abjur:   	alarm, endure elements, protection from evil
    1 Div:     	identify  
    3 Trans:	haste
    3 Abjur:	protection from energy
    2 Abjur:	arcane lock
    2 Trans:    enlarge weapon (complete scoundrel)
    3 Trans:	energy surge
    List of Spells for Channelling as Spellsword 
    Balefull polymorph (5 trans)
    Disintegrate (6 trans)
    Flesh to stone (6 trans)
    Lightning bolt (3 evoc)
    Verbal-only spells 
    (ie. no chance of arcane spell failure from armor,
    or have just M, but no somatic component)
    NOTE: 	Wands do not have a chance of arcane spell failure,
    	so they can be used with armor.
    0 *	Flare (evoc)
    0 *	light (evoc)
    1 *	Feather Fall (trans)
    1	hold portal (abj)
    1	true strike (div)
    1	ventriloquism (ill)
    2 *	blur (ill)
    2 *	knock (trans)
    3 *	Displacement (ill)
    3	tongues (div)
    4	shout (evoc)
    5	contact other plane (div)
    9	Mordenkainen's disjunction (abj)
    9	prismatic sphere (abj)
    9	time stop (trans)
    9	wish (univ)
    1 	Deflect, lesser: deflection AC bonus (abj)
    2 	Celerity, lesser (trans)
    2 *	Deflect: shield AC bonus (abj)
    2 *	Energy Surge, lesser (trans)
    2 *	master's touch (div)
    2 *	stretch weapon (trans)
    2 *	sure strike (div)
    3 *	Alter Fortune (div)
    3 *	Energy Aegis (abj)
    3 *	Energy Surge (trans)
    3 *	halt  (trans)
    3 *	prismatic mist (evoc)
    4 	Baleful Blink (trans)
    4 	Celerity (trans)
    4 	Condemnation (abj)
    4 	mystic surge (univ)
    4 *	stifle spell (abj)
    6 	Energy Surge, greater (trans)
    8 	Celerity, greater (trans)
    6	brilliant blade (trans)
    1	karmic aura (abj)
    3	karmic backlash (abj)
    6	karmic retribution (abj)
    5	lightning leap (trans)
    1 *	critical strike (div)
    1	guided strike (div)
    1 *	insightful feint (div)
    1	expeditious retreat, swift (trans)
    1	low-light vision (trans)
    1	slide (trans)
    2	scintillating scales (abj)
    2	extend tentacles (trans)
    2	fearsome grapple (trans)
    2	fly, swift (trans)
    2	slide, greater (trans)
    2	sonic weapon (trans)
    2	wings of air (trans)
    4	flight of the dragon (trans)
    4	ruin delver's fortune (trans)
    4	spell enhancer (trans)
    Spellsword Channelling Spells for Spellbooks
           - Baleful Polymorph
           - Disintegrate
           - Flesh to Stone
           - Lightning Bolt
    Future spells?
    - spectral weapon
    - resistance, greater
    - enlarge person, greater
    Shopping List 
    Spells (to be copied from Rolondo's Spellbook = 300 gp total)
    1: magic missile (100 gp)
    1: shocking grasp (100 gp)
    1: fist of stone (100 gp)
    Spells (to be copied from friendly town wizards = 1,950 gp total)
    1: nerveskitter (150 gp)
    1: ebon eyes (150 gp)
    2: see invisibility (300 gp)
    3: dispel magic (450 gp)
    3: protection from energy (450 gp)
    3: weapon of energy (450 gp)
    Scrolls (200 gp total)
    1: ebon eyes (scribe cost = 12.5 gp) x2
    1: fist of stone (scribe cost = 12.5 gp) x2
    2: see invisibility (scribe cost = 75 gp) x2
    Wish-List (equipment/magic)
    Ability Score Boosters
    Shaundakul's Boots (6,300 gp) - Magic of Faerun
    - increase wearer's base speed by 10 feet
    - double base speed (not counting boots effects) for 5 min = 1/day
    - "Find the path" = once per tenday
    Crystal of Energy Assault, lesser weapon crystal, +1d6 energy damage (3,000 gp)
            - acid, cold, electricity, or fire
    	- not cold or electricity since going up against undead, so acid or fire
    Green Dragonfang Everbright Spiked Chain +1 (2,650 gp)
            - collision (+2 bonus)
                    = +5 damage
            - metalline weapon (+2 bonus) 
                    = standard action, change weapon composition to adamantine, 
                      alchemical silver, cold iron or ordinary steel
            - sweeping (+1 bonus) 
                    = STR +2 competence bonus on trip attacks
            - disarming (+1 bonus) 
                    = STR +2 on disarming attempts, cannot be disarmed with this weapon
            - warning (+1 bonus)
                    = +5 insight bonus to initiative
    Dwarvencraft Adamantine Blue Shine Twilight Heavy Plate +1 (22,800 gp)
    	- upgrade: magic +2 (= +3; +5,000 gp) 
    	- upgrade: magic +3 (= +4; +7,000 gp) 
    Iron Ward Diamond, 
    	- Upgrade: greater armor crystal DR 5/-, up to 50 hp/day (8,000 gp)
    Belt of the Reinforced Form (5,400 gp) (or other body slot, since have cursed belt on)
            - While you wear a belt of the reinforced form, whenever you are the target of a transmutation spell or spell-like effect, or some other transformative 
              effect such as an aboleth’s slime or a basilisk’s petrifying gaze, you gain 
              a +4 bonus on your saving throw.
            - In addition, once per day, when casting a transmutation spell with a 
              casting time of 1 standard action on yourself, you can cast that spell 
              as a swift action instead.
    Helm of Battle (2,000 gp, 0 lbs) MIC 111
    	- swift action (command), gain +2 bonus on next attack roll or ability check
    	  to attempt a bull rush, disarm, overrun, sunder or trip attempt during 
    	  your turn
    Angel Helm (10,000 gp, 2 lbs) MIC 71
           - any weapon used is good-aligned
           - cast cure critical wounds, dispel evil, resist energy (acid/cold only) each 1/day
    Masterwork cold iron heavy flail (300 + 15 + 15 = 330 gp) 
    Masterwork composite longbow    STR 20 = +5 (300 + 500 + 100 = 900 gp) = LvL 8 + 
                                    STR 22 = +6 (300 + 600 + 100 = 1000 gp) = LvL 8 + 
                                    STR 24 = +7 (300 + 700 + 100 = 1100 gp) = LvL 8 + 
                                    STR 26 = +8 (300 + 800 + 100 = 1200 gp) = LvL 8 + 
    				= -2 to hit if STR is less then bow rating 
    20 normal (5 cp each = 1 gp) 
    20 Cold iron (1 sp each = 2 gp) 
    20 Silver (2 gp each = 40 gp) 
    20 Adamantium (60 gp each = 1200 gp) 
    20 masterwork (7 gp each = 140 gp) 
    20 arrows +1 (47 gp each = 940 gp) 
    20 arrows +2 (167 gp each = 3340 gp) 
    20 arrows +3 (367 gp each = 7340 gp) 
    Arrow of Biting (506 gp each) = poison - injury, DC 16, 1d6 CON/1d6 CON 
    Fountainhead arroww (306 gp each) = acid, 10' burst, 2d8 damage/round if in area 
    for 3 rounds, DC 14 reflex = half 
    - thrown weapons, masterwork (javalins, daggers, handaxes, etc...)
    Misc Equipment
    - buy dagger x2 (4 gp)
    - Framed Pack (50 gp, 2 lbs), Arms and Equipment Guide p.35)
    	- Full-round action to retrieve an item (not a move action)
    	  and provokes an attack of opportunity
    	- Pack and everything in it weigh 10% less then their normal
    - Money belt to store armor crystals?
    	Money Belt (4 gp, wt -): This cloth pouch is designed to be worn under clothing and can hold up to 50 coins. The Sleight of Hand (Pick Pocket) check DC to take something from a money belt is +5 higher than normal.

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