Katharina 'Whisper' Shadowfeet

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  • The end justifies the means.
  • You are willing to perform morally repugnant actions in order to achieve noble goals. Unfortunately, this can alienate those people who might support your cause if you didn't use such heavy-handed methods.
  • Once per game session, the DM or another player can activate your Flaw in order to dispel any doubts you might have about the moral justifiability of your actions. This includes, but is not limited to, overriding any Qualms (as per the flaw) that you may have, and forcing you to act against your alignment.

    Flaw 2

  • DM eyes only...

    Character Stats

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  • Character Stats for "Katharina 'Whisper' Shadowfeet" at level 7 - Chapter 14
  • Character Stats for "Katharina 'Whisper' Shadowfeet" at level 7 - Chapter 15


    Katharina was born in Hill's Edge, in an underground community of Gnomes. She grew up swiftly - for a gnome anyway - a quick child with a suspicious nature, just like her great-great grandfather, Janeresh, a renowned agent of the Phoenix Clan of the west, which was rumoured to be part of a bigger and more secretive organization. It wasn't until she reached 40 years of age that she rebelled. It started as impatience, turned into a burning desire to just see something new, above ground. Her father, Samuel, who had raised her as a single parent, was a stonecutter. He had taken her on long excursions in the caverns and tunnels, showing her the underground labyrinth, and taught her about minerals, in the hopes that this would gain her interest. But there wasn't enough excitement in such things, she had too much of her great-great grandfather in her. It was time to leave, she knew. So she turned her back on the underground and surfaced.

    Up top, Katharina stands out, if she wants to. A short, slender gray-skinned curiosity, that's what she is - even in multicultural cities, as demonstrated by the pointing fingers and whispering comments that trail her wake, hence her nickname of "Whisper", to the more fortunate. To the less fortunate, however, the name "Whisper" has an altogether different meaning - as this is the last thing they hear just before death: the whisper of their last exhaled breath.

    In her earlier days above ground, she made her way to the Nelanther Isles, in a human community called Ioma, where she established herself as a merchant by the name of Chiffon. This was not as profitable as she had anticipated since the port authorities demanded heavy taxes. Therefore she decided it was time to move inland, along the coast in Amn. She portrayed herself as a swashbuckler by the name of Sophitia, she liked using the name, as it was a reminder of her mother Sophie, who she knew nothing about except that she had been a great swords-mistress and had died during childbirth. On the way north Sophitia worked for various merchants as a guard and slowly became familiar with the trade routes and various "players" of the game.

    Her last few adventures led her to Baldur's Gate, Waterdeep and Yartar, where she worked as a spy for various Lords, putting her stealth abilities to good work, in the hopes of being recruited into some mysterious organization. When things heated up however, she decided it was time to leave for the quieter town of Triboar, where she had learned of the legend of the "Lost Guide" from the Yartar spies and had followed them to the Carnival and the Talking Troll.

    Local Knowledge

    You inhale deeply as you eye your target. You hold the clean air in your lungs and nostrils, as if that may counteract somehow the stench that is The Talking Troll. Earlier in the day, you had reconnoitred The Troll as you had heard that the man you wanted to speak to, would be there later in the day.

    Zandever "Nighteyes" Eyredanus - not a name that rolls off the tongue you chuckle to yourself, but a man you need to take seriously, as one does not gain a reputation of being one of the most famous and beloved of the Triboar based guides - by being a punchline of a joke. Far from it, "Nighteyes" impressive reputation was well known by all in "The North".

    When you had stopped off at Ransorís Open Road - one of the caravan outfitters in Triboar - to see what news you could gleen - for you have learned in your experience that caravan outfitters are sometime the most lucrative sources for news - you had the good fortune to meet - a female Halfling known as Alivyre Soldshort - the manager of Ransorís. She had heard that Zandever had been delving into the mystery of the "Lost Guide" for years and he - if anyone can - she asserted - he would be able to help you find the treasure hoard.

    When you first heard the tale of the "Lost Guide", it resonated with you. His name and the reason he was hauling this treasure have become obscured by time and a generation of drunken retellings of the tale in countless inns and alehouses - but the essence of the tale has always remained - just over 30 years ago, the "Lost Guide" disappeared somewhere between Triboar and Yartar - his wagon rumoured to be ladened with sacks of gold and other wondrous "treasures". You pause as you think of the fun a "motivated" person like yourself could have with such a treasure.

    Alivyre assured you that Zandever would be at The Troll at about this time in the back room. She had nonchalantly flipped you a medallion with an eye etched on its face - a symbol of friendship - or at least non-aggression - that "Nighteyes" would recognize. She explained she did not want the only person that she was taller than in town to be killed by Zandever due to a misunderstanding.

    As you are about to break from the shadows of the alley, a tall, slim, lanky man with a silver mane only matched by his silver eyes strides purposefully towards The Troll. He pauses at the door and looks as if he may vomit as the stench assaults his "civilized" senses. But, to his credit, he girds himself and enters The Troll. A strange sight to say the least, but none of your concern.

    You make your way to the door and slip through it quickly. There is no sign of the silver strange, but all thought of him is dismissed as you spot what you are looking for. You see the hallway to the back room, above the opening of which is a sign - sparkling in comparison to the grime of the walls - bearing the image of a single eye. And surprisingly, all the patrons give the hallway a wide, respectful berth. You make your way through slumped silhouettes of dishevelled patrons. The hallway is only 20 feet long and opens up to a large space that is still obscured in shadows. As you make your way down the hallway, you wonder what this "Nighteyes" sees in such a place. And then suddenly, the world goes black ...

    Campaign Notes

    Very beautiful, lithe and young looking, almost like a child, Katharina keeps her hair braided. She has several golden earrings (simple small hoops), a testament to her life as a swashbuckler. She likes to wear a mix of dark colours, dark red with deep purple with black and deep blue.

    Katharina is not what you would call easy-going; she has been referred to on more than one occasion as "clever bitch". She can be skittish at times when something unnatural is afoot but she can also be fearsome in battle, as she wants to prove herself to the bigger folk. And unlike many scoundrels she has never quite mastered the art of being deceitful, but make no mistake, if you cross her, you will end up with a knife between your shoulder blades.

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