Lady Antebellum Eversong

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  • Prerequisite: None
  • Summary: You find it hard to resist inspecting something out of the ordinary.
  • Effect: Whenever you encounter something out of the ordinary, you must make a Will Save (DC 10 + 1/2 Character Level) in order to resist approaching the thing and inspecting it.
  • If combat is likely or enemies are close the Will save is negated until after combat, however the item must be inspected immediately afterward, without the need for a D20 check.

    Hauntings of the Past

  • You have disturbing Dreams, often reliving past events, often resulting in emotional weakness.
  • Prerequisite: Must have experienced terrible events in the past.
  • Drawback: You are known to have dark dreams, often representing an unpleasant past event.
  • Every 1d6 days at night (basically once a week at random), Eversong has an upsetting dream. Upon waking, she must succeed a Will save DC 10+Half ECL (1/2 effective character level) or become shaken for the day = DC 11 (A shaken character takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks. Shaken is a less severe state of fear than frightened or panicked.)
  • In addition on the night of the dream, Eversong must succeed an additional will save of DC 15, or make loud noises (Talking in sleep, or Screaming), this may at DM's discretion wake both the player and/or other party members interrupting their sleep for 1d3 hours.

    Character Stats

  • Character Stats for Lady Antebellum Eversong at level 1 - Chapter 1.
  • Character Stats for Lady Antebellum Eversong and TOO TALL at level 1 - Chapter 2.
  • Character Stats for Lady Antebellum Eversong and TOO TALL at level 2 - Chapter 3.
  • Character Stats for Lady Antebellum Eversong and TOO TALL at level 2 - Chapter 4.


    Lady Antebellum Eversong was born to two Chaos Gnomes - Adoamros Homeforger and Carcaryn Lightbringer - both of whom were well regarded by all who knew them – gnome and non-gnome alike. They were accomplished socercers with reputations for the power they wielded and their impluse to always step in to defend the downtrodden.

    Born in Halruaa - that fabled land of magic - Eversong showed an aptitude for magic and music, but much to the chagrin of her parents, she decided at an early age that she wanted to explore the mysteries and potential she saw within music - becoming quite adept at the pan pipes under the tutelage of an elderly satyr named Seilenoi, though her skills with the pipes could never rival the artistry of her singing.

    However, she inherited from her parents a good and kind heart and a clear sense of right and wrong and she often accompanied her parents on their excursions into the countryside to mete out justice. Her ability to weave music into hypnotic melodies complemented her parents' magical prowess, many times allowing her parents to take the fight to a foe even before the foe had a chance to react - so distracted were they by her performance. The family's reputation amongst the good folk was unsurpassed, but their good works also earned them an equally bad reputation amongst those they vanquished.

    It was during one of these excursions that Eversong's parents met with an untimely demise. Dambraii pirates had set a trap for the gnomes and it is not clear how the pirates were able to get the better of the gnomes or how Eversong survived, but when she awoke a forenight later, she was in a secret backroom of the Curious Past, Bronwyn Cardoon’s Waterdeep antiquities store. It was as Bronwyn’s assistant – Alice Tinker – a rock gnome – was changing a poultice on one of Eversong’s many wounds that Eversong finally regained consciousness, though that first time, it was ever so briefly.

    In the coming days, Eversong would regain her strength and she would eventually learn from Alice and Bronwyn that she was found by one of Bronwyn’s many caravans. Apparently Eversong had been wandering aimlessly down one of the trade routes along the northern shore of Lake Halruaa, covered in muck, gore and blood. The caravan leader had the presence of mind to use the emergency teleport scroll to get Eversong to Waterdeep and Bronwyn for tending. Eversong’s memories of the battle were fragmented and in the end it was too difficult to determine what was fact and what was delirium fueled memories.

    Eversong, at the insistence her Illuskan hostess, convalesced in the Curious Past and Bronwyn, through her network of contacts, tried to help the gnome piece together the tale of her parents’ deaths – but her inquiries resulted in nought. However, it was during her investigations that she stumbled upon an odd - and up until that moment - an unknown aspect of Eversong's heritage. Eversong had dragon blood coursing through her veins - that of a Battle Dragon to be exact. When or how this occurred was a mystery, but clearly one of Eversong's ancestors had a tryst with one of these denizens of the Heroic Domains of Ysgard, as there was no other plausible way to account for this.

    During her time at the Curious Past, Eversong poured over the ancient, arcane books and scrolls found nestled in the shelves, in amongst other glorious marvels. It was Alice who suggested that Eversong should pursue studies in the bardic arts after noting Eversong’s interest in both knowledge and music.

    Eventually, Eversong took leave of her kind hosts, explaining she needed to go home to see what life she could build for herself and to continue the good works of her parents. She departed with the next caravan destined for Harluaa and immediately sought out Seilenoi. The reunion between the two friends was bitter sweet and after recounting her tale of survival, the sage satyr noted that Eversong had been blessed with the aid of the Harpers as he had heard it told that the Curious Past was run by Harper agents. He also happily agreed to continue to school Eversong in the art of the pan pipes.

    He eventually introduced Eversong to a group of female bards - the Sisters of the Pipe - known for their propensity for playing the pan pipes and enjoying the occasion pull from elaborately carved, long necked tobacco pipes. Amongst these musicians she found sisterhood and an outlet for her compulsion to continue to battle the darkness, for it is said that the Sisters are somehow affiliated with the Harpers. She continues to search for clues of that fateful day and for those responsible.

    Local Knowledge

    Campaign Notes

    Eversong is obsessed with:

  • (1) finding out what happened the day that her parents were killed and to exact revenge
  • (2) finding magical items to enhance her bardic abilities with the intent of fulfulling (1)
  • (3) discovering where in her lineage a Battle Dragon "entered the picture"

    She will spend much of her time researching the local townhall/library - whereever she can find the information that she seeks.


    Marlyar Nilthrul stroked his moustache with one hand as with the other he rubbed his ever expanding girth. The purveyor of imported scents, perfumes and herbal baths inhaled the heady aromas of his wares as he cast an experienced eye over the sea of passersby that flowed by his Delzimmer storefront. His sandaled feet slapped against the tile floor of his shop, which had been washed clean by last winter season’s floods, as he arranged the displays for maximum effect. Moving a jar of jasmine to a more prominent location in the front display, his ears caught the strains of a wonderful sound – a melody that meandered this way and that – structure less and yet beautiful. He scanned the crowd to see if he could identify the source of this heavenly sound and eventually came upon a diminutive gnome, with a glorious mane of purple hair and a wicked looking longsword and whip at her hips. She was humming to herself as she made her way through the crowd. His eyes followed her as she glided from stall to stall. Mesmerized, he stopped his fussing with his displays and stared at the gnome – not daring to blink in case he lost sight of her and that enchanting music. Unexpectedly, she turned his way and gave him an exaggerated wink – breaking the spell. He blushed as he realized he had been caught staring at this rare beauty – something with which this seasoned lothario was not accustomed. Usually he was the hunter, not the prey. Chagrined, he busied himself with the arranging of his wares.

    Lady Antebellum Eversong scolded herself for being so naughty. Using her music to fascinate an innocent, unsuspecting soul went against the code that she lived by, but in this case, she could not help herself, especially as the reputation of "Mighty Malryar" as a deflowerer of young innocent women preceded him. She chuckled to herself – this so-called Night Scourge needed to be taken down a notch or two and if not she, then who would do it and in such a “gentle” manner. She continued to hum, but to herself, not targeting anyone in particular to ensnare with her music.

    Out of the corner of her eye, quick rushing movement caught her attention – differently liveried soldiers – it appeared to be four different groups – started quick stepping out the square. Her curiosity getting the better of her, she began moving towards the disturbance. That was then, from the far side of the square, a flash of magic that she recognized as the spell Color Spray, drew her attention. From where she stood, a time worn warrior was holding off a group of soldiers who were menacing his companion – a dusky skinned elf who bizarrely appeared to be re-clasping her chainmail bikini top. As weird as this scene was, she was more curious about what had sparked the interest of so many soldiers at the same time. She silently wished the odd couple luck in their dispute with the soldiers as she moved to follow the other soldiers, all the while humming away.

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