House of the Summer Rose

Last updated: September 14, 2019

Rulebooks for Dungeons and Dragons.
House Rules for the House of the Summer Rose.
Magic Item Compendium II - New 3.5 D&D Magic Items.
BLOG - Dungeons and Dragons

Companions of the Summer Rose

  • Corwin the Bookbinder - Male Human Wizard(Evoker)/Master Specialist(Evoker)
  • Dawn Starfinder - Female Human Druid/Diviner
  • Jhorin Harpsinger - Male Human Bard
  • Lara LaBelle - Female Human Rogue
  • Orion the Fox - Male Human Sorcerer/Wizard
  • Roweena Starfinder - Female Human Ranger
  • Siobhan, Sister of the Golden Sheaf - Female Human Cleric
  • Waylan of Ashabenford - Male Human Fighter

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