Pelias Hadrathus

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Dislike of Nobility

  • You have a dim view of the Nobility, considering them to be little more than bullies, cowards, and thieves with power and wealth. Despite the dislike and distrust, you do not necessarily make your dislike known... along with the dislike comes fear of their power that can be brought against you.
  • When dealing with others who are obviously nobles (or the fact is pointed out to you), you suffer a -2 penalty to all social related rolls dealing with the person or people in question.
  • In addition, once per game session (as applicable), the DM or another player can enforce this flaw to make you directly oppose or ignore a request or order given by a noble.


  • You have been known to hesitate when faced with difficult choices or split-second decisions. If forced to choose between letting a villain escape and rescuing a loved one from being lowered into a snake pit, you're likely to agonize over the situation until something--perhaps a cry for help from your sweetheart--forces your hand.
  • Once per game session, the DM or another player can activate your Flaw during time-sensitive moments in the game to force you to lose any bonuses you have to Initiative.

    Character Stats

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    Born to a wealthy merchant family, Pelias was born into a life of privilege. His family was cold to him, and showed him no favours other than the ones given to him based on his family's stature. They had more pressing issues to deal with than coddling their newborn son. Pelias' family lived in the tharch of Lapendrar in the Thayan nation. Thay had a well-earned reputation for its cruelty and grasping ways. Thay craved power, magical, political, and military, and would go to any lengths to achieve it. Though Thay is ruled by the Red Wizards, Lapendrar is different. It is independent, to a certain degree, paying tribute to Thay to maintain its independence. However, many of the ruling class, including Pelias' parents, grumbled under the burden of living beneath Thay's thumb. The Red Wizards visited rarely, but they maintained a strong military presence in the tharch.

    Pelias' parents wished to have nothing to do with Thay and the Red Wizards. When Pelias reached the age of five, he, as well as all other five year olds, was examined by a Red Wizard to determine his aptitude with the arcane arts. Pelias was frightened by the proceedings, but tried to swallow his fears as his parents looked on, stone-faced. Kneeling in front of Pelias, the old wizard's hand slowly drew out of his sleeve, palm up, holding nothing. Mumbling a few words, a sparkling sphere appeared in his hand. Pelias was fascinated by the glowing orb but was afraid to touch it. Smiling, the old wizard beckoned for Pelias to hold the orb. Reaching forward, Pelias found that the orb had no mass and felt like it would pop under the slightest pressure! Delicately, he rolled the orb into his hands and frowned in dismay as it began to flicker. The light within the orb seemed to be burning out and threatened to extinguish itself. Unconsciously, Pelias mentally urged the orb to maintain its shape and luminosity. Surprisingly, the light within the orb stabilized and began to glow even more brightly.

    Pelias' smiled with a child's joy. The wizard also smiled, but for darker reasons. Turning to Pelias' parents, he began to say, "He has a natural feel for magic. He will make a fine ukkkh!" His last words were cut off as Pelias' father stepped forward and slit the wizard's throat. The jagged, red smile sprayed blood everywhere, some landing on Pelias' face. Shrieking in surprise, the glowing orb vanished suddenly.

    Pelias' mother knelt and grabbed Pelias by the shoulders. Shaking him, her voice was as hard as steel. "Be quiet!" Pelias hiccupped as he held back his tears. "You will not be a pawn of those foul wizards! No child of mine will become an apprentice to a Red Wizard! I would rather slit your throat than let that happen."

    Servants rushed into the room to remove the still-twitching body and clean up the blood. "But what are we to do with him?" Pelias' father began to pace. "He cannot stay here. He will draw the attention of the Red Wizards again. He will be like a beacon to them and he will never know a minute of peace."

    Pelias' mother rubbed her hands in anguish. This was the first time he had seen them being concerned for him. Later in his life, Pelias would remember this bittersweet moment: It was warming to know they loved him, but the circumstances of this discovery would mar the moment forever. Pelias' father continued. "We must send him away. It is for his safety and ours. But who will take him?"

    Pelias' mother pulled Pelias close to her body and hugged him fiercely. She kept repeating, "I'm sorry," over and over again. Pelias didn't understand what was happening, just that he was being sent away. He began to wail. His father knelt and gripped the sides of his head tightly; Pelias stopped crying immediately. "You need to leave this place. This is for your own good and the good of your family. I know you don't understand, but you have my blood flowing through your veins! You will handle this with dignity and not cry! I will not have your mother or you wailing! That will not be the last thing I have to remember you by."

    With that, he hugged both his wife and his son in a tight embrace. The moment didn't last long. Standing up, he told his wife. "We will send him to the church of Lathandar. We will pay them well to provide for him and protect him, if needed. It is a small church and not closely watched. He will be safe there."

    Nodding slowly in agreement, Pelias' mother looked into her son's teary eyes. The pain was intense. So, the next day, Pelias was secretly escorted to the church of Lathandar and began his life there. Pelias didn`t fit in. It became known that he had come from a wealthier family and this ostracized him. He was never mistreated, but he was always treated differently. This led to resentment from some of the other children living at the church. They teased and taunted him, calling him "His Majesty" and worse - throwing his heritage back into his face. Pelias developed a persona early on that hated royalty and figures of authority; he wanted to deflect the anger directed at him. He wore this face for so long, he even began to believe it.

    The only place where he found solace was in his studies. He often buried his head in his books, ignoring the rest of the world. He grew up and reached adulthood, but not without incidences. After a month at the church, he had been drawn into a fight with another child. Everyone at the church was expected to maintain some form of physical fitness, and was trained in the arts of war. Though he didn`t excel at it, he was competent enough. He preferred his books, so he pretended to be more clumsy than he actually was to get out of military training. One day during their training, an older boy swatted him across the back of the head with a staff. Dazed, he fell to his knees and blood poured from his split scalp. The boy then jumped on him to beat some respect into him. That was the last thing Pelias remembered before he had been pulled up onto his feet by an elder clergyman.

    Pelias was still hazy, but as he looked over, he saw that the boy was rolling around on the ground, his hands and face were badly blistered as if they had been burnt severely. The clergyman brought Pelias to his office and just stared at him. He could sense the latent arcane energy flowing within Pelias' veins, but didn't know what to do about it. Pelias just stared at his feet, confused by the whole ordeal. After some thought, the clergyman let Pelias return to his studies without another word. After that incident, the other children kept a safe distance from Pelias.

    Wishing to understand what had occurred, Pelias threw himself into his studies. Through his studies, he became interested in the versatility and limitless potential of magic. He was not a strict follower of Lathander`s church, though he was always respectful to the customs and ceremonies dedicated to Lathander. What Pelias wanted to do was find his own faith; he loved magic, but churches to Mystra were forbidden in Thay. Not finding a meaningful output for his religious piety, he began to devote himself to magic and the knowledge associated with it. His studies had unlocked the hidden potential the Red Wizard had detected in him all those years ago.

    He kept his beliefs hidden from everyone, but eventually, he was found out. He had only two choices: leave the church quickly or face severe consequences. Fortunately, he had reached a stage in his life where he was not satisfied with the lot that he lived. Eager to leave and find a place where he would not be persecuted for his beliefs or who he was, he joined the first caravan out of Thay. The caravan was heading north and would wind its way through the different communities of the Sword Coast, trading rare goods for Thayan magic items. Not caring where he ended up, Pelias just wanted to escape his oppressive homeland and its intrigues. Without looking back, he left Thay and entered a world of adventure.

    Local Knowledge

    As you left Edwin’s Emporium of the Wonderous, you could not help but shake your head. Though a well meaning fellow, Horster Silverkin - the male half-elf proprietor of the Emporium - was an odd fellow. You remind yourself that you will have to ask Horster for the story of how Horstager had come to be in his life the next time you are at the Emporium, perusing its shelves. But that would have to be a mystery for another day.

    For though Horster did not know much more about the legendary treasure hoard of the "Lost Guide" and could not confirm what your research revealed - that an artifact of Mystra was among the treasure - he was able to point you towards the person who could provide you with the answers you were seeking - "Nighteyes".

    For Zandever "Nighteyes" Eyredanus - one of the most famous and beloved of the Triboar based guides - has information you desire. It has been said that Zandever has been delving into the mystery of the "Lost Guide" for years and he - if anyone can - will be able to help you find the treasure hoard.

    During your travels with the Thayan Traders, you have heard all manner of tales of lost treasures. However, a passing reference to some relic of Mystra associated with the "Lost Guide" and his treasure was too much for you to ignore. His name and the reason he was hauling this treasure have become obscured by time and a generation of drunken retellings of the tale in countless inns and alehouses - but the essence of the tale has always remained - just over 30 years ago, the "Lost Guide" disappeared somewhere between Triboar and Yartar his wagon rumoured to be ladened with sacks of gold and other wondrous "treasures".

    Though there were passing references in many academic tomes to the artifact, there was never an indication of what the artefact was and now - after almost a year of searching - you finally feel as if you are close to your goal.

    In your excitement, you grip the medallion emblazoned with the single eye which Horster has given you as you think of what glory recovering the artifact will bring to Mystra on this plane.

    All Horster knew of the habits of Zandever is that he played in a private dice game every afternoon in a backroom of the Northshield House and that Zandever always made it a point to go early to "warm up" and that that would probably be the best time to speak with him.

    The Northshield is just on the outskirts of town - the Triboar Arms with its unmistakable sign in the shape of a sword and axe crossing over its neighbour. As you approach the Northshield House - with its large sign shaped like a shield - the name emblazoned on it in large green letters - you feel a sense of euphoria rising in your chest. Finally - with the blessing of Mystra - the treasure of the "Lost Guide" could be within your grasp.

    The interior of the Northshield barely registers on your consciousness as you make your way to the backrooms, but the fact that the world goes black as you pass down one hallway does "catch" your attention ...

    Campaign Notes

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