Trollskull Manor

Last updated: January 21, 2020

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Volo's reward for Flune Blagmaar

  • deed to estate of Trollskull Manor
  • located off of Trollskull Alley in Northward
  • Dwor's name is now on the deed
  • paid 1,000 gp to fix Tavern based on contacts made
  • run as an average establishment 50 gp + 10 gp guild fees per tenday
  • potential profit = 3d10 gp per tenday


  • Previous bar owner was a half-orc, or possibly even a Lord of Waterdeep



  • male human
  • Hired as cook but can bartend. Likes to hustle card games.
  • "Trollskull Staff" leather armor
  • Meat Cleaver (shortsword)
  • Meat Tenderizer (club)

    Ella Smithson

  • female human
  • Hired as waitress but can clean. Not a slut.
  • "Trollskull Staff" leather armor
  • dagger


  • male kobold
  • Hired for cleaning. Affirmative action hire. Says he can make traps.
  • "Trollskull Staff" small leather armor
  • small dagger
  • Fears Dolora
  • Likes Shodan


  • female half-orc
  • Hired as bartender but can waitress and cook. Decent looking for an orc.
  • "Trollskull Staff" leather armor
  • sap
  • club


  • male human poltergeist bartender


    Naz the Nameless

  • male tiefling
  • Failed staffing applicant, now Shodan's roommate, had taken pity on his fellow tiefling down on his luck.


  • Gustaff the Dwarf - Taverner's Guild of Waterdeep


  • Tali Solvenor, male half-elf, at the Bent Nail - carpenter and furniture maker, shares a wall with Trollskull Manor
  • Fowla, female wood elf, Curlean's Crown/Corelon's Crown ? - a herbalist store, across to the south
  • Embrick, a fire genasi, and Avi, a water genasi are a married couple that run the Steam and Steel, a smith and forge

    Reference Material

  • Stronghold Builder's Guidebook
  • Stronghold Builder's Guidebook - web enhancement

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