Hammer and Anvil

Last updated: November 27, 2011

Hammer and Anvil (Small City)

  • ?
  • AL ?
  • ? gp limit
  • Assets ? gp
  • Population 8,000;
  • Nomadic (dwarves from Eartheart 50%, non-dwarves 50%)

    Built against the western outer wall of Eartheart is Hammer and Anvil, a sprawling tent-city consisting primarily of moveable workshop-huts and tents. Numerous watchful dwarf guards are posted within the town to ensure that those who come to trade cause no trouble. Most non-dwarves are not welcome beyond Hammer and Anvil, but in the tent-city, the gold dwarves are more then happy to meet with all comers and trade their gold, silver, and forged goods for foodstuffs, textiles and other items in short supply on the plains and underground. Of the roughly 8,000 people in Hammer and Anvil at any time, about half are nondwarves who have stopped briefly to trade, and the other half are dwarves who live in Eartheart and come here daily to barter on behalf of the Deep Realm or sell their services (primarily blacksmithing, armor repairs, and so forth).

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