Last updated: December 30, 2019

Eartheart (Metropolis)

  • Conventional
  • AL LG
  • 100,000 gp limit
  • Assets 220,040,000 gp
  • Population 44,008
  • Isolated (dwarves 97%, gnome 2%, other races 1%).

    Important NPCs

    Authority Figure

  • Queen Karrivva of the Simmerforge Clan

    Ruling Clans

  • Belindorn
  • Ghalkin
  • Gordrivver
  • Malthin
  • Sorndar
  • Talnoth
  • Thunsonn

    These seven clans are the major clans in Eartheart. The heads of the Ruling Clans are kept secret (like the Hidden Lords of Waterdeep). There are multiple other, lesser clans, such as the Rockbottoms. All the clans owe their allegiance to Queen Karrivva of the Simmerforge Clan.

    Important characters

  • Lord Scepter Mariochar Bladebeard (LG male gold dwarf cleric 10 of Clangeddin Silverbeard/dwarven defender 7)
  • Vorn Steeleye (LG male gold dwarf fighter 8/Great Rift skyguard 10) - Commander of the Peacehammers
  • Gwarr Stouthammer (LG male gold dwarf cleric 11 of Moradin/divine disciple 4 of Moradin) - High Priest of the Temple of Morndinsammer
  • Keshil Darkettle (LG female gold dwarf warrior 4/expert 7) - highest-ranking trade broker and quartermaster of trade goods

    Typical Steel Shield Patrol

  • fighter 6/dwarven defender 4
  • fighter 5/dwarven defender 3 x2
  • fighter 5/dwarven defender 1 x6
  • fighter 3/cleric 3 of Clangeddin Silverbeard x6

    Typical Peacehammer Patrol

  • fighter 6/Great Rift skyguard 5
  • fighter 5/Great Rift skyguard 3 x2
  • fighter 5/Great Rift skyguard 1 x7

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