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Delzimmer (Small City)

  • Nonstandard;
  • 15,000 gp limit;
  • Assets 4,661,250 gp;
  • Population 6,215;
  • Integrated (halflings 42%, human 37%, half-elf 10%, dwarf 6%, gnome 3%, other races 2%).

    Four powerful merchant families control this free-trade city: the Harlhauns, the Jathlets, the Belarks, and the Olaundrans. Though they are rivals in business, the families have managed to find enough common ground to establish some level of law and order for the town, using their private militias to keep the peace. The families all run business associated with serving caravans, including storage warehouses, outfitters, and financial services (moneylenders and moneychangers), but they are not costers themselves.

    The stone walls surrounding the heart of Delzimmer have long since outlived their usefulness. The city has grown considerably since the walls were built, and shops, dwellings, and warehouses have spilled out into the open ground beyond the perimeter. Roads have been cut through the walls to provide access to the businesses outside, and the remaining portions are in poor repair, sporting cracked mortar and holes of various sizes.

    Delzimmer's citizens are all in the business of providing services, either for the caravans traffic or for the other locals. The rest of the people in the city on any given day are caravan masters, their escorts, and the merchants who hire them.

    Important NPCs

    Belark - Merchant Family
    TRADE - horse breeding, banking, warehousing, caravan outfitting
    LIVERY - Guards wear crimson-hued leather armor to which are affixed painted metal bucklers displaying a black hawk in flight winging to the sinister on a white sky device.

  • Oldyle Belark (NE male human fighter 8/rogue 5) - patriarch head of the Belark merchant family, grossly fat, black hair, hooked nose, long-armed, bandy-legged, squat
  • Hlonsker Belark (male human) - son and heir of Oldyle

    Harlhaun - Merchant Family
    TRADE - gems, perfumes, herbal and alchemical products
    LIVERY - Guards wear blue-green (deep blue dominating) uniforms with bucklers emblazoned with a purple upright sword on a white field

  • Maraunt Harlhaun (LN male human aristocrat 16/expert 4) - patriarch head of the Harlhaun merchant family, tall, thin, sophisticated, handsome, large dark eyes, pronounced cheekbones
  • Lariond Harlhaun (male human) - son and heir of Maraunt

    Jathlet - Merchant Family
    TRADE - trade, involved in almost all local mercantile doings
    LIVERY - Guards wear light lime green overtunics emblazoned with a blue-black panther or hunting cat that is depicted leaping upward toward the sinister (on a white field)

  • Elsraea Jathlet (LE female human aristocrat 6/rogue 4) - widow head of the Jathlet merchant family, nondescript facial features,easily forgettable, older lady with fine lines.
  • Malthorn Jathret (NE male human aristocrat 6/necromancer 14) - a reclusive elder member of the Jathlet clan, Elsraea's uncle, mage, and advisor

    Olaundran - Merchant Family
    TRADE - ships and shipping lanes, real estate, trade, banking
    LIVERY - Guards wear gold-trimmed white uniforms adorned with a circle of six gold coins (each coin is decorated in black with a single staring eye - watchcoins), on a scarlet field.

  • "Old" Gauthklaun Olaundran (CN male human aristocrat 8/fighter 4/expert 3) - head of the Olaundran merchant family, frail, luxuriously garbed, arrogant, soft, overfed, overindulged body
  • Yolaun Olaundran (male human) - son and heir of "Old" Gauthklaun

    Nagra (Four Families' Police/Militia)
    LIVERY - orange sashes over leather armor, with guantlets and helms

  • fighter 14 x1
  • fighter 12 x3
  • fighter 10 x5
  • fighter 5 x34
  • fighter 2 x67
  • fighter 1 x213
  • warrior 13
  • warrior 11
  • warrior 7 x4
  • warrior 6 x17
  • warrior 5 x29
  • warrior 4 x62
  • warrior 3 x78
  • warrior 2 x114
  • warrior 1 x387

    Kala (act as judges)
    LIVERY - Orange robes

  • Kala Aldyn (male human mage?) - Kala Aldyn is a mage in an emerald green robe. A large oaken staff is grasped in his right hand and an emblem of a human left hand pointing upward, outlined in blue fire, can be clearly seen over his left breast (symbol of Azuth?). Kala is a title given to the street judges of Delzimmer.

    Misc. NPCs

  • Flospin Ralmathun (LN male human warrior 2/expert 5) - the most influential caravan master in the city
  • Hupert Three-teeth (CN male strongheart halfling rogue 14) - head of the most powerful thieves guild in Delzimmer and master of confidence games

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