Adventure Date: November 16, 2011

Last Updated: November 17, 2010

From afar, you spot the city of Delzimmer. It is a city of huddled white domes surrounded by a thick, twenty-foot tall wall. Spire-topped towers can be found along the wall every fifty feet or so. The city itself is surprisingly upright and compact the streets converged like the spokes of a wheel into a circular-shaped court in the center of town. But outside its walls, suburbs, unplanned and undefended, sprawl. Its borders are undefined. Delzimmer is a bustling city of merchants, a nexus of trade found between Luiren, Dambrath, and the rest of Toril. Every virtue and vice can be found here, as long as the price is paid. The city's success had led to a massive increase in its population, which resulted in the sprawl found outside the city walls. People from all around Toril can be seen walking freely in the city streets: many halflings, chattering away happily; dwarven artisans and tradespeople selling their goods; even a few dusky-skinned elves, their every step exhibiting their stiff pride; and there are many others. The sea of people is ever-changing Delzimmer's population is truly cosmopolitan, with a dozen of languages spoken within her walls.

Entering the outer edge of the city, you are amazed at the city's open lanes and marketplaces. Strange music, shrill and mournful, surrounds you and follows you as you walk. Voices shout all around, people haggling for the best deal. Blinding smoke rises off cook-fires, carrying pungent but delicious odors. The streets themselves are muddy from a recent rainfall, and urchins run around playing and filching whatever they can get. Sporadically, ox-wains, laden with fruits, furs, and other goods, rumble past, as well as the occasional horsemen.

Passing through an outer market, you approach the old city walls. Upon closer inspection, you notice how decrepit and useless they truly are. Since they had passed their use, the walls were no longer maintained properly, and large, gaping holes could be found regularly along their length. In fact, the entrance you use to enter the city proper is merely an expanded hole in the crumbling walls. As you enter, the dynamic energy seems to increase rather than decrease. The shops become more crowded in the confined area and the people jostle each other to get to the wares they desire.

No soldiers seem to patrol the area, although many men and women, wearing different uniforms, seem to be keeping an eye on things and ensuring that trade runs smoothly. Each of them is armed, and there seems to be no love lost between the different groups. Each group sports distinct uniforms. Some guards are wearing crimson-hued leather armor with an emblem of a black hawk on the wing on a white sky. Others are wearing blue-green armor emblazoned with a purple upright sword on a white field. A third group wears light lime green armor with an emblem of a blue-black panther, salient, on a white field. The last group wears gold-trimmed armor with an emblem depicting a ring of six gold coins, each coin stamped with a single staring eye, on a scarlet field. As you glance at them, they seem to hear a disturbance and rush off together as a group.

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