Delzimmer - Chapter 4

Adventure Date: June 16, 2012

Last Updated: October 14, 2012

The heroes return the sponge and the head of Relgore and the Ever Absorbing sponge to Narius . Narius is pleased and offered to act as a patron for the heroes and can give them 10% off of all purchases. We get 500 each and keep the gems and treasure. And he will sell hard to move items.

Narius will vouch for the Delzimmer Six and they hope that the collars of control will be removed. By the time the D6 get to Evan Astra the word has spread and finally the collars are removed and another 2000 gp is added to the Hoard.

Lady A asks about the Hin Eldran and Baskara who were mentioned at the burned out caravan. They are adventurers and sometimes bring small but rare items to sell.

No knowledge of Yaun Ti in the area but check out the church of Ondala..

Everybody gets 1793gp.

Talk to head of militia Amaric Bramblefoot. The Hin would be fine soldiers and scouts, but reckless. What was their last Score - No clue. Last time they came back with unique weapons and tomes. We drank on their coin for a week. No modern occurrences of Yuan-ti in this region.

Talon pass may be pass in the Toadsquat. Monsters stay in the Toadsquat, we have fast arrows. We know there is tower at Talon pass which may house the Jade Chalice.

Lady A reading in the library of Yondalla. Jade Chalice was passed down by royalty in an ancient eastern empire.

Shoun is dry but the townfolk are happy to see us. Drinks on the house,

Master trader Umbold needs our help again. Sending a trade ship to Krenalir. Leaving in a week will we guard the the ship. Offered compensation is 500gp each. About a ten day round trip. We decide to take the job.

The ship is the Laughing Jack. Horses stabled in town. Thirty HIn make up the ship's crew. Eravan Surefoot is the ship's Master. Master trader Umbold and other traders are on board. There has been an increase in attacks by sea creatures recently.

Cramped ship we sleep on deck.

The cleric Leeloo in an obsessive display makes Roryn her Ward. The day passes uneventfully and as night falls we approach the isle of Qualfir . Rocks ahead! We run into rocks despite a fire becon up ahead. The ships are a flurry of action. The HIn bail and patch the hole. The heroes stand guard.

The beacon was in the wrong place. Two aquatic orgres grab onto ship and climb aboard. Roryn misses one as it climbed up. Irrstra tumbles. Lady A plays her horn inspirationally for big sonic damage potential. Clint channels and misses. Leeloo heals Clint. Royn hits for big damage. The ogre trys to grab Royn but the paladin fells him. The other orgre moves to attack Royn in crazed revenge.

The final ogre roars out a signal. Irrstra tumbles toward the bow and hits with crossbow bolt which bursts with sonic energy. Clint misses with Javelin and closes. Roryn charges but misses as the orgre retreats over the side.

Rath in the hold is blocking the inrushing water with his body while the Hin work to patch the damage. He feels a huge push from outside but he fights it off. Irrstra casts dancing lights in the water to light up the hulk. Clint watches the port side. Lady moves off the stern cabin and and looks down at the breach. Roryn comes over to port and Rath fights off a creature trying to push in below.

Irrstra moves to port and spots, nothing. Clint casts dancing light to light up the breach in the hull and then goes down into the hold to see what Rath is screaming about and all of a sudden the hull gives way and water pours in. It still like something is pushing in against the loose wood planks. So Rath and Clint fight back and the pressure stops.

No Hin died and they work to get the ship afloat. They bail and pump. Goods are relatively untouched . They need to get the ship to the yard in Krenilir but the false beacon cannot stay. The hereos stay to investigate. They boat will return to the island in three days.

The everlasting lighthouse is usually unmapped. The captain wants us to fix the light but Master Umbold objects. So Leeloo uses her charms to convince the Master that they will be fine. Its important to fix the beacon for all shipping in the area. The crew is offered the water breathing scroll and some alchemist fires to help with ship defense.

Search the dead orge and turn up hide armor and a long spear. The ears are hacked off.

We move in one of the two life boats into the island. A sheer cliff looms a head. Clint uses dancing lights and we look for a place to land. There is a shallow bay further up to coast where we could pull the boat up to rocks.

As we pull up the everburning beacon flickers. So it must be a torch light or tended fire. The fire is up 100ft and 100ft down the coast.

Irrstra assumes mermaid spider form an climbs the cliff with two lengths of silk rope. She ties the rope to a sturdy tree and lower the ropes . Rath goes up then Roryn warded by Leeloo. Then Clint and finally Lady A.

Rath hears movement in the underbrush coming from the direction of the false beacon.

Irrstra moves forward and hides. The woods are close , its hard to swing a weapon. Clint moves in and throws off a ghost sound behind the commotion. Rath runs in add catches a couple of javelins shot from the trees. Leeloo puts shield of faith on Roryn and moves deeper into the woods. Irrstra spots four in the trees and uses the fireball necklace to air burst them.

Rath moves toward the light and the trees open up and he can see a very large bonfire . No one is attending it. The rope is pulled up. Around the fire there are goblin footprints. We put out the fire and then move on to the site of the real beacon going over rock terrain. Finally see a white tower about a mile in the distance. Moving in closer, it looks almost like mother of pearl scales. A doorway faces away from the cliff and we approach. The tower is square with rounded corners and is sixty feet tall. The paladin feels the force of evil radiating from the edifice.

A tough wooden door bars the way and has a big lock. There are no lower openings Irrstra checks for traps. Clint detects no magic. Irrstra as a drider picks the lock. She moves in and looks around checking traps. Inside a cooridor opens up into a large central room. Old torch sconces on the walls . Sandy drag marks on the floors.

Trashed room on left and right. The entire place in complete disarray. In the right room has heard a snake outside the door. Irrstra climbs the walls and hangs above the door. We move to the door. Rath and Roryn goes outside and are confronted by large worm like creature - a grich. Lady A bounces an arrow off it. Tentacles lash out and hits Roryn. Leeloo hits it with blast of pure energy. Lady A's sonic sounds reverberate and Clint swings with his heavy magic mace and the Grich disintegrates. Royn and Rath move up and noticed an open door in the central hall.

Irrstra senses tremors above us. Lady hears something from the opposite door and Rath covers. Irrastra opens one door and reveals another ruined door. Lady A and Leelo support Rath while Clint checks the open door. Nothing but fresh tracks. Royn moves up. to the next door. "Ghost sound" Lady A said, "Spell caster !" Rath sees nothing in the noisy room. The Drider tremor senses something in the center of the room. She shoots and misses. Lady A greases the area. Clint moves to far entrance and blocks it noticing a spiral staircas on the other side. He notices that his tracks are the only ones, This invisible thing must have dropped in. Drider trys the hand crossbow and misses. The creature hit Irrstra and become visible . A green hag. Wolf like creature attacks from stairs and Clint and Roryn escape crushing despair. Leeloo tries spell and misses. Roryn charges and attacks Wolf. And it blinks away. Rath puts imself between the hag and the softies and swings away. The drider tumbles away and hits the blink dog for big sonic damage. Lady stops her horn playing and with a crossbow bolt and sonic damage destroys the dog.Clint and Roryn move in and cast spells. The hag runs away. And stops at the door. There was a mad frenzy of attacks to try to stop her, but she escaped into the night.

The blink-wolf was a barghast.

We checked the rest of the bottom floor of the tower. The floor was secured and the drider webbed the interior doors. We rested for the night.

In the morning we headed for the stairs up. It took a big effort to remove the falchion , ruining it. Irrstra checked for traps moving ahead again. The second floor opens to a large room with three doors ahead. Rotting stale air hits Irrstra nostrils. Wood beams are faded plaster has fallen off. The sea can be heard in the distance. We moved in going deep toward the right hand side door. Rotting body parts of various differnt species. On the other side door we saw a trashed room. We go through to a door and open it. This was an old smashed up supply room. Royrn opens the middle door and 2 javelins get launched out. One nails Royrn in the shoulder. There is an open window on the other side. A single chair rope cot and a chest in the room. The javelins were set on an mechanism. Irrstra opens the locked chest finding various sacks inside containing silver gold and copper pieces and gems. 1200sp. 480 gp, 3600cp and 10 gems. The window faces the body of the island. Cleric vestments in the chest. One Human Tier is God of War and Brendan Halfling good of War. Lid has a small compartment containing a scroll case containing a map of Quethir and mark showing the location of "allies". Leeloo check magic shows finding nothing.

Going back to the room of gore, there is no magic. Roryn casts resistance and goes through the room to the door. Crude manacles chain a crazed woman to the wall. Roryn says "I am Roryn Rockbottom here to save you. Fear not young lady." A touch attack with a cure and his hand when right through her. Rory yells, "Come quick there is a ghost in here!" Roryn takes a step back and attempts to turn her. Rath moves into the room. Then two large fists slam Roryn out of the wall and he sticks to the wall. Lady A starts the song. Rath uses a javelin and misses and Clint feels a back twinge but gets off a javelin but misses. Rath tries alchemist fire Roryn breaks free and and get shit again. Alchemist fire breaks the grabble.

Battle with this Mimic is one of the most embarrassing that the heroes have been involved in. Roryn is generally grappled or misses. Rath threw some Alchemist Fire but fumbles near the end. Lady A giggled and sung. Irrstra moved into the gasy room and pukes most of the time. Leeloo healed Roryn who needed it badly. Clint using his mace missed early on, but in the end with his characteristic style he dealt the killing blow.

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