Esvele Wyvernspur

Last Updated: February 26, 2006

Character stats for Esvele Wyvernspur are located below.

Esvele Wyvernspur was once a young noblewomen from the famed Wyvernspur family in Cormyr. She had always been stubborn and headstrong. Something that had always gotten her into trouble during the Wyvernspur feud with the Thundersword family.

One day a stranger appeared who taught the virtues of inner peace and of new beginnings. Esvele heard the message and asked to be born a new as one of these Elan. Unfortunately, during her transformation from human to Elan, something went horribly wrong. Her soul was twisted to pure unadultered evil and her mind was driven completely insane. She quickly slew the surprised Elan Elder that had performed the transformation ritual. Leaving evidence that she had been kidnapped or worse by members of the Thundersword family, Esvele fled into the night to seek out others of the dark god Cyric...

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