Thallid Thrull (Sacrifice) Deck = 72 cards

Last Updated: October 2, 2010

Land Cards:
  • Forest (x12)
  • Swamp (x12)
  • Bayou (x1)
  • Heart of Yavimaya (x1)
  • Lake of the Dead (x1)
    Black Cards:
  • Breeding Pit (x2)
  • Dark Ritual (x1)
  • Fallen Angel (x3)
  • Gate to Phyrexia (x1)
  • Hecatomb (x1)
  • Howl from Beyond (x2)
  • Krovikan Horror (x1)
  • Mindstab Thrull (x1)
  • Necrite (x2)
  • Order of the Ebon Hand (x2)
  • Ravenous Vampire (x1)
  • Soul Exchange (x3)
  • Thrull Champion (x1)
  • Word of Binding (x1)
    Green Cards:
  • Elvish Farmer (x2)
  • Feral Thallid (x2)
  • Fungal Bloom (x1)
  • Hurricane (x1)
  • Night Soil (x1)
  • Regrowth (x1)
  • Spore Cloud (x1)
  • Spore Flower (x1)
  • Thallid (x3)
  • Thallid Devourer (x3)
  • Thorn Thallid (x2)
    Multicolor Cards:
  • Dark Heart of the Wood (x1) = Green/Black
    Artifact Cards:
  • Celestial Sword (x1)
  • Meekstone (x1)
  • Serpent Generator (x1)
  • Skull Catapult (x1)
  • Soldevi Golem (x1)
  • The Hive (x1)
  • Strategy:

    This deck is designed to overwhelm your opponent with hordes upon hordes of little creatures. Cards that allow you to generate these little critters include:

  • The Hive (Giant Wasps)
  • Serpent Generator (Poison Snakes)
  • Elvish Farmer, Night Soil, Thallid, and Thallid Devourer (Saprolings)
  • Breeding Pit (Thrulls)

    Saprolings can be sacrificed for additional life or to pump up a Thallid Devourer. Creatures can also be sacrificed to the Fallen Angel and the Ravenous Vampire to pump them up as well. The Celestial Sword, Heart of Yavimaya, Howl from Beyond, and the Thrull Champion can all be used to make your little creatures into instant big creatures. Soul exchange can be used to bring back one of your big creatures as an even bigger creature, all for sacrificing a lonely little thrull or other token.

    The Gate to Phyrexia can be used to sacrifice creatures to destroy any pesky artifacts.

    The Meekstone should hinder most of your opponent's creatures from attacking but allow you to attack at will with your horde and pumpable army. The Soldevi Golem ability allows it to get around the Meekstone's limitations.


    Your opponent(s) will feel death from a thousand pin pricks and will likely pull a brain muscle trying to keep track of all your options to attack, defend and annoy. This deck is best played in a multiplayer game.

    This deck also has several directed damage attacks (like a "Tim") through the Hecatomb, Krovikan Horror, Skull Catapult, and the Thorn Thallid. It also has its fair share of flying defence.

    You can also replenish your LIFE from the Elvish Farmer and the Dark Heart of the Woods.


    This deck is dependent upon the use of several enchantements. It also lacks the ability to remove enchantments that have been played by your opponent.

    This is also a slow deck, since it takes time to build up your hordes, especially if your opponent is attacking you each turn, forcing you to block and lose one of your little creatures.

  • Counters

  • Vampire: the Eternal Struggle - Green Card back (x15) = Saproling Token
  • Vampire: the Eternal Struggle - Brown Card back (x15) = Giant Wasp Token
  • Starwars: Light Side - Grey Card back (x15) = Poison Snake Token
  • Starwars: Dark Side - Black Card back (x15) = Thrull Token
  • 1 Cent Penny (x50)

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