Dragon Deck = 60 cards

Last Updated: October 2, 2010

Land Cards:
  • Forest (x10)
  • Mountain (x10)
    Green Cards:
  • Cockatrice (x1)
  • Craw Giant (x2)
  • Desert Twister (x1)
  • Giant Growth (x2)
  • Llanowar Elves (x4)
  • Lure (x2)
  • Regeneration (x2)
  • Tranquility (x1)
  • Web (x1)
    Red Cards:
  • Blood Lust (x2)
  • Chandler (x1)
  • Disintegrate (x1)
  • Dragon Whelp (x3)
  • Fireball (x2)
  • Firebreathing (x1)
  • Granite Gargoyle (x1)
  • Joven (x1)
  • Kird Ape (x4)
  • Lightning Bolt (x2)
  • Shivan Dragon (x1)
    Multicolor Cards:
  • Jungle Troll (x3) = Red/Green
  • Rock Basilisk (x2) = Red/Green
  • Strategy:

    The Lure's are most effective with the following creatures.

    Craw Giant's - Lure forces all creatures to block the affected creature and Craw Giant's rampage ability allows it to get bigger for every creatures that blocks it beyond the first (both offense and defense...e.g. rampage 2 = +2/+2 for every creature beyond the first). Combined with the trample ability, you can have all the damage apply to the weakest defending creature and any left over damage will affect the player's life directly. This is even more effective with regeneration since the Craw Giant won't die and can do this again and again.

    Rock Basilisk and Cockatrice - These creatures destroy any and all creatures that block or are blocked by them. Again Lure forces all creatures to block the affected creatures. This has the affect of wiping out all of your opponent's creatures (unless they can regenerate them). Again regeneration allows you to keep your creature alive to do this again and again. NOTE: The Cockatrice is less efective since its flying and would only be able to force flying defenders to block it and then destroy them, land based creatures would be unaffected. But this is great for wiping out those pesky Serra Angels

    You can also put it on any other creature so that when your army attacks, your opponents creatures are forced to block that particular one while the rest of your army marches through unopposed to damage your opponent's Life directly. Again regeneration is useful. NOTE: Jungle Trolls have regeneration built into them, so they make good candidates. You can also use both red and green mana to regenerate them



    The weakness with this deck is that you need a lot of mana to get the Craw Giants and Rock Basilisks into play. Although the Llanowar elves help with this. If your opponents are smart they will double bolt or fireball these creatures as soon as they hit the playing table. I suggest protecting them with regeneration before you apply the Lure's.

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