Voyageur (752 pts)

Last updated: October 26, 2003

Name: Jason Wright
Assignment: Ottawa
Nationality: Canadian
Appearance: male, age 26, 6' 1", 210 lbs, white skin, green eyes, blond hair

Abilities: (180 pts)
ST: 14 (45 pts)
DX: 14 (45 pts)
IQ: 14 (45 pts)
HT: 14 (45 pts)

Advantages: (140 pts)
Appearance: Handsome (15 pts)
Charisma +2 (10 pts)
IST Membership (65 pts)
  • Patron: U.N.
  • Duty: (15 or less) U.N.
  • Legal Enforcement Powers
  • Reaction: +3 citizens member nations, -1 non-member nations, -3 criminals
    IST Rank 6 (30 pts)
  • Status: 2
    Reputation: +2 to Canadians (10 pts)
    Voice (10 pts)

    Disadvantages: (-100 pts)
    Code of Honour: Hero's (-15 pts)
    Flashbacks: 1d minutes, -5 to skills (-10 pts)
    Glory Hound (-15 pts)
    Pacifism: Cannot Harm Innocents (-10 pts)
    Phobia: Mild Claustrophobia (-20 pts)
  • Suffers -4 to will roll if immobilized e.g. a bind attack, buried, pinned by a grapple
    Sense of Duty: Canadians (-10 pts)
    Sense of Duty: Close Friends and Companions (-5 pts)
    Truthfulness (-5 pts)
    Weakness: 1d fatigue/minute if affected by phobia (-10 pts)

    Super Advantages: (510 pts)
    Flight (40 pts)
    Flight: super (x1) (20 pts)
    Flight: Hyper (50 pts)
    Invulnerability (360 pts)
  • any kinetic damage
  • (+20% considered an immovable object if hit by or hitting something; no knockback)
    Vacuum support (40 pts)

    IST Com Unit
    Polykev-Envirosuit (PD=2, DR=16, temp. tolerance= -25 to 150, wt=2.5 lbs)
    Psi Shield (mindshield, Power 12, Skill 3)

    Skills: (25 pts)
    Area Knowledge (Ottawa) - 14 (1 pt) m/e
    Area Knowledge (Canada) - 14 (1 pt) m/e
    Astrogation (hyperflight) - 8 (0 pts) m/a [default = mathematics-4]
    Bard - 14 (2 pts) m/a
    Computer Operations/TL8 - 14 (1 pt) m/e
    Computer Pragramming/TL8 - 12 (1 pt) m/h
    Diplomacy - 13 (2 pts) m/h
    Flight - 14 (2 pts) p/a
    History (International,U.N.) - 13 (2 pts) m/h
    Karate - 15 (8 pts) p/h
    Mathematics - 12 (1 pt) m/h
    Strategy - 13 (2 pts) m/h
    Tactics - 13 (2 pts) m/h

    Languages: (2 pts)
    English - 14 (native tongue)
    French - 14 (2 pts)

    Quirks: (-5 pts)
  • Loves "poutine"
  • Why drive when you can fly?
  • Goes through costumes faster then anyone.
  • Doesn't like to ski anymore.
  • Flies to the moon when he needs to "get away from it all".


    Voyageur grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. He had just started his first year of Computer Science at Simon Fraser university. That New Years Eve, he and a group of friends went up to Whistler to party, ski and snowboard, not necessarily in that order. Foolishly, they left the trails and started an avalanche. His Friends got to safety, but Voyageur was trapped beneath the snow. At this point his metagenes activated. For five days he lay there before the rescue teams were able to dig him out (bad weather caused the delay). To Voyageur, those five days seemed like an eternity. He has never fully recovered from the experience and still has the occasional flashback.

    Once he realized what happened to him, Voyageur decided to become a force for justice and was soon recruited into the ranks of the IST.

    Voyageur is now the Public Relations Officer for IST Ottawa. He is also the second in command of the team when out in the field.

    Campaign Role:


    Voyageur is friendly and outgoing, and will always try to cheer people up.


    Voyageur's flying move is 14 (28 with Super Flight). Once he leaves Earth's atmosphere, he can fly at the speed of light. So far he has only travelled from the Earth to the Moon and back, so his astrogation rolls are still used at default.

    His one weakness is his fear of being immobilized. This can occur from a bind attack, being buried, or pinned by a grapple. When this occurs his mind goes back to the avalanche and panics. The stress often causes him to become fatigued and lose consciousness.

    Voyageur will never hesitate, and will gladly place himself between a civilian and danger. Sometimes he forgets that his costumes aren't invulnerable as well. This has led to some embarrassing situations, but always for a good cause.

    Battle Tactics:

    Usual tactic is to make flying runs at an opponent in order to get the collision damage bonus. This requires a successful Flight skill roll to hit (include the penalty for his speed).

    Typical Dialogue:
    "Whoops...(big explosion)...Uhm...Can I borrow your cape."