Staff of the Obsidian Skull


The Staff of the Obsidian Skull is a fine blackwood staff. It has been enchanted so that it will work in low mana areas. As with most enchanted staffs, the Staff of the Obsidian Skull can be used to extend a mage's touch. The staff can also be used to shoot obsidian shards (stone missiles) at opponents.

The Powerstone attached to the top of the staff is made of obsidian and carved into the shape of a human skull. The powerstone can be enchanted to hold "charges" of the Skull-Spirit spell at the normal enchantment cost. It still requires a human skull to create the enchantment. The powedered skull, when sprinkled over the powerstone, appears to be absorbed into the powerstone. To release the Skull-Spirits from the powerstone, the owner must utter the name of the person whose skull it was. Both Analyze Magic and Summon Spirit can be used to determine the names of the Skull-Spirits trapped within the powerstone. The powerstone definately radiates a dark and evil aura. As a result, any owner will receive a -3 reaction modifier. Currently the Powerstone holds the following spirits: Ahmad al-Sa'azraq , Jabal al-Jahiz, Owen O'Bannock, Rasha bint-Amina, and Saladin.

Cost to Enchant: $50,000

Component Spells:

  • PR=20 - Staff
  • PR=20 - Stone Missile
  • PR=20 - Powerstone (ST=20)
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    Last Updated: June 15, 2003