Ring of Putrid Smoke


The Ring of Putrid Smoke is a simple copper ring that has been permenantly tarnished a putrid green. Upon the will of the user, a billowing cloud of dense green smoke will stream forth from the ring and fill the desired area for a base energy cost of 1. The green putrid smoke is thick enough to block vision through it. Anyone who is caught in the noxious cloud must make a HT roll each turn. Failure means that they won't be able to do anything that turn but cough and weep. They will also take 1d-1 of choking damage from the awful fumes. The putrid smoke will last for about 5 minutes before dissipating, it will last even less if the area is windy.

The ring was accidently created by a novice apprentice named Ailric. It was the first time that his master was letting him enchant an item on his own. Perhaps their was a sudden surge in mana, or the stars were aligned just right, or perhaps Ailric himself was able to briefly tap into some hidden potential within him. Whatever the reason, the two enchantments that Ailric placed on the ring somehow merged together and became a single more powerful enchantment. In essence the Smoke and the Stench spells were combined so that they are now cast simultaneously, yet the energy cost is as though only one spell was cast.

Cost to Enchant: Unique item ($20,000)

Component Spells:

  • PR=27 - Smoke (Critical Success, natural 3)
  • PR=27 - Stench (Critical Success, natural 3)