Bountyhunter's Blade


The Bountyhunter's Blade is an ordinary thrusting broadsword that was only mildly enchanted. Over time however, the sword has become closely linked to that of the bounty hunter profession. As a result, the owner of the sword is affected as follows:

  • The owner now has a random enemy (100 pts: 6 or less). Roll once per game session to determine if someone with a price on their head sees the owner with the sword and assumes that they are the bounty being sought. They will seek to end the threat, directly or indirectly.
  • The owner gets a -1 reaction (known bountyhunter), unless the person is looking to hire a bountyhunter (which gives a +1 reaction instead).
  • The owner must keep their word or any vow they make to capture a bounty.

    Although the Bountyhunter's Blade is not cursed and can be discarded at will, it's cheap purchase price and instant "bad boy" reputation make it popular with beginning adventurers.

    Cost to Enchant: $1105 (Market Value = $500)

    Component Spells:

  • PR=15 -- Penetrating Blade (PD/DR of target = -1)
    Last Updated: May 25, 2003