The Bloodsword is a very fine thrusting broadsword [+2 damage] that has been enchanted to cause devestating wounds in combat. In addition to its enhanced sharpness [ -1 to an opponent's PD and DR], each time someone is wounded by the Bloodsword, they must win a Quick Contest of HT (the roll is at a -2 with an additional -1 per 5 hitpoints of damage) vs. the Bloodswords power of 15 or the wound will continue to bleed each minute (as per the rules on page B130). Such wounds or also very difficult to heal, as any natural recovery roll, healing skill (e.g. first aid) or healing spell must also succeed in a Quick Contest: skill-2 vs the Bloodswords power of 15 or the attempt will fail.

The Bloodsword is currently owned by Victor Bloodsword, a Treydroyan adventurer and free gladiator.

Cost to Enchant: $69,295

Component Spells:

  • PR=15 - Penetrating Blade -1
  • PR=15 - Slow Healing -2
  • PR=15 - Stop Healing
  • PR=15 - Weaken Blood
    Last Updated: May 14, 2003