David's Eaglemoss Custom Figure - DC - Silver Banshee

Last Updated: October 13, 2014


Base Figure


I had made a rubber mold using Starfire. I blocked out the face using SuperSculpey in the mold, then filled it with normal resin which takes 15 minutes to solidify. I also took the absorbing man, and pressed his face into some SuperSculpey, since it has that open mouth screaming look to it. I then poured some resin into it as well. After removing the molds and cleaning the figures, I glued absorbing man's face into the empty cavity on Starfire's body. Then proceeded to paint, using a fine black pen for facial details. I was debating on how to handle the wisps of smoke from her legs and arms, to go 3-D with SuperSculpey, or with white paper cut-outs glued on. For now, I went with the 2-D painted look, but may try 3-D later.

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