The Tide of Shadows - Chapter 15 - Addendum

Adventure Date: June 25, 2012

Last Updated: May 8, 2013

"The Night That Little Drac Almost Died"-

A pseudo -Shakespearian Play done in One Scene

Scene 1-

Ro-Lund-Do in deep sorrow is bent over little Drac, attempting to heal the bat familiar. The rest of the Stalker's are huddled together whispering on the stage opposite side. Burly Ska'arr leaves the group and addresses the cleric.

So Ro-Lund-Do, the dastardly plotting of females two; your drawers unveiled; all to see that which loathe to expose now standing wilting in the light.

Ro-Lund-Do( very angrily)
-Foul Hypocrite! The lay of the land familiar, you pretence surprise.
As Brutus to Caesar, the dagger strikes deep. From one whom a shield of truth, methought.

Ska'arr (startled)
Hypocrite I? How so?

Ro-Lund-Do (raises face to the sky)
Again pretence? Oh, cruelty, thy name is Ska'arr. What gain thee now?
Ye knew my divinity came not from the sun. Ye knew I embrace the finality of Death. I told you thus and recorded so in the journals.

Ska'arr-(eyes wide with realization)
Ye journal told me? But ye did not publish. So of this I am ignorant, hypocrite not.

Ro-Lund-Do-(also with realization)
-verily- ye remember only our published discussions. I wrong ye-oh more sorrow.

As the Death Cleric looks fearful that he may have alienated his only possible ally, the rest of the Stalkers approach.

Pelias (with determination)
- Discussed we all, your continuing stay. Answer honestly and all will end well.

Ro-Lund-Do (spitefully, hands clenching and unclenching)
Honest I was.
Honest I am.
Honest I shall be.
As honest as the day is long.
Ask away young prelate, my honesty be as obvious as a cherry pit in your throat.

To the sun, you are a stranger?

Question or fact? No to one, yes to the other. Death rules me.

Some foot shuffling at this revelation.

Which deity juggles your soul?

Ro-Lund-Do-(laughing, then eyes glaring)
My…soul? Oh the irony.
Ah, little Loki, whisper into other's ears; your bidding they do. Loki ended tormented, and you? You belittle me.
Deity? No Deity. Gods die! Only Death is universal. Oh, eternal Death. Leads us from the old to the new, from the stagnant to the re-birth.

Shribryn-(with concern)
And the rest of your history?

Ro-Lund-Do-(with disgust)
Ah, Loki's assassin speaks. Hie thee, blind one. The bats await.
(Grinning evilly)
My history is long…very long but told. Father's disappointment am I, banished for Death. A man I killed, one about to die.

And the undead?

Ro-Lund-Do (laughing wickedly)
Undead? This I swear, little Loki. Evil by nature I am not.
As I am Ro-Lund-Do, I will set undead against undead, not against thee.
Well young prelate, what sayst thou now? Enough honesty to choke upon?

Raven (Who up to now had been listening quietly)-
Willing am I to accept the dark priest.
His deeds served us well. Dear brother he is not, nor shall be. Still ever watchful still I must be.

Ska'arr-Accept we then Raven's words. Now to rest; our energy replenish.

Group leaves to seek out their bed rolls leaving Ro-Lund-Do alone on the stage. He speaks to the bat but in Scuro's voice.

And so a page turns.
Worry not little friend, a repeat shall not be.
As an acorn, a mighty oak becomes, we grow into our power.
Soon, all will know,
He who is Ro-Lund-Do.


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