The Journals of Old Greyhawk and the Founding of NewHawk City
- Chapter Twenty-Two

Adventure Date: February 9, 2008
Last Updated: February 17, 2009

Further research (notes) are required to flush out this chapter of the chronicles.

Gareth Dragonbane swoops down on his copper dragon. He has brought several magic items to aid the party on their quest. The party asks Gareth if they will accompany them. He says he cannot as there are other battles that must be won if good is to triumph over evil this day. Gareth does offer to fly the party to the pit, where the cult plans to bring Orcus into this world.

PW pipes up, "I may be small, but I don't think we will all fit on that dragon of yours."

"No problem" says Gareth, and he himself transforms into a second copper dragon, "I think the two of us can manage you lot."

The party flies to the pit (location?) and descend.

At the base, they find a duerger (evil dwarves) citidel. As they approach, aspects of each of their deities appear, warning that once inside, they can not interfere, and the party will be on their own. Before they depart, each diety blesses their champion (gain a level). The stairway climbing to the temple is a mere 10' wide. It climbs a vertical distance of 400' from the cavern floor.

HHH and Henrietta used scrolls and started to fly (when pig's/badger's fly?) to approach the upper gate windows. No access. Eventually had to go through the main gate.

main floor

armories filled with thousands of duerger sized armor, shields, weapons, all enchanted to +1 (re-stocked on magic arrows and bolts)

stairs were trapped with flame spurts. Gloam II being weightless went to explore. HHH joined Gloam II by flying up the stairs on Henrietta. The room where the stairs were also contained a tall fountain of a succubus in the centre spaying a clear liquid in the fountain pool.

More duegar barracks and prep rooms.


hallway at the top of the stairs.

Test of Illusion

the room filled with walls of mist, some of the walls were illusions, forming a maze, while others were real and dealt acid damage to any who walked through.

Test of Might

there was the room with the Tarasque that ate HHH. Nuria teleported to far side of room to open the exit door. You had to last at least 5 rounds with the tarrasque in order for the door to appear. HHH was swallowed whole. Nuria used limited wish to extract HHH from belly of the Tarrasque

Test of Steel

There was a zig zag corridor, there was a battle with 3 iron golems. I remember Nuria got to use her ladder to let the fighter types scale the barricades and attack our foes. I think the foes were iron golems, and we eventually beat them when Nuria shapechanged into a rust monster.

Test of Speed

there was the corridor that had the black wall sliding up the hallway, destroying everything in its path, forcing the party to run forward, there was a disc in the middle of the corridor that would "slow" all who passed through it, but none did, so all escaped the trap.
black Wall started to chase them.
Nuria cast expeditious retreat on herself.
Earth Elemental passed through disc with no apparent affect?

Test of Magic

there was a room with a glowing sphere that disintegrated Ebreck. Picked up the dust and revived him later. dodged the rays to get to the other side.

Test of Gluttony

there was a room with one plate of food, then two plates, then 4 plates... Realizing what was happening, Nuria shapechanged into a dragon, and ate all the food before it could multiply exponentially and kill them.

Test of Alchemy

there was a room with seven pools of prismatic liquid, each pool a different color. the party rested here to regain spells, I forget what we finally did to overcome this room. I know Nuria tried to cast the corresponding anti-prismatic spell at each pool. I think eventually we had to swim in each pool in the order of the rainbow colors before the exit showed itself.

Test of Stealth

In the room of dragons, there were 10, 2 of each evil color. The white one was the one that ate Nuria's beloved patch. Party tried to sneak, but failed, dragons started to wake. Agrona, getting initiative, raced into the room, to get a better strategic position. Nuria, seeking revenge hurled her strongest delayed blast fireball (empowered = 30d6) at the white dragon, but its spell resistance snuffed out its flames. Coming to her senses, Nuria screamed "forget this, make for the exit". All heeded her call, leaving Agrona... Alone... with 10... Hungry... Pissed-off... Evil... Ancient... Wyrms...


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