The Journals of Old Greyhawk and the Founding of NewHawk City
- Chapter Thirteen

Adventure Date: March 10, 2007
Last Updated: January 10, 2009

Day 140

The adventurers go to Benedict and explain what happened during the auction, HHH does the explaining... We tell him who the other bidders were, including Andre and Lady Valera.

Benedict says "Sorry to hear that, Andre will probably use it to his own advantage, Andre does not want the piece for himself, just wants control of something powerful".

HHH suggests that the adventurers trail Andre, Nuria suggests that we offer or trade something for the Rod piece, discussing different options...  The adventurers should have a sit-down with Andre...

Agrona says that our options are limited... consensus is we should try to talk to Andre for the 4th piece of the Rod.

Meanwhile, PW stays behind Andre about 2 blocks, trying to tail him successfully. He heads to the Stallion when he loses Andre's trail, waiting for Andre to show up. Gregory shows up instead. Goes up to the bar and offers him a drink, discusses his apprenticeship, and Gregory agrees to train him as a Shadowdancer. Finishes his drink, thanks Gregory, and heads out to the Church.

PW reaches the group, tells the adventurers of his progress with Gregory since he couldn't see Andre, or talk to him.  Now all the adventurers are at the Church with Benedict.  The rest of the group updates PW on what was discussed with Benedict...

Agrona asks Benedict if they could find out where the other pieces are while we are going to attempt to get the 4th piece.

Nuria tries to hold person Agrona with the Rod saying the command word: "Freeze, freeze, freeze".

Xanaphia asks Benedict asking where to purchase focus on 500gp for Atonement spell.

Nuria casts Web spell on Agrona, Agrona makes a saving throw, but is still stuck in the webbing.

Ebreck tries to shoot an arrow on Agrona and unfortunately stuns himself for 36 seconds.

Agrona casts Wall of Stone to protect himself from the adventurers.

HHH moves and summons Henrietta.

Nuria dispels Agrona's Wall of Stone spell.

Meanwhile, Xana asks Benedict where she can focus her 500 gp for the Atonement spell. Benedict tells her that one of his accolyte's will bring the focus momentarily, 10-15 mins.

Agrona casts an Air Walk spell and tries to walk out the webbing. He doesn't succeed the first time.

HHH hit Agrona with a crossbow bolt for 1 hit point of damage.

Nuria tries to cast Charm Person spell on Agrona, and Agrona succeeds in deflecting it.

PW fires a crossbow bolt to Agrona, and misses.

Agrona casts Flaming Strike to the web, with some of the adventurers as the targets. Nuria, HHH, Henrietta get hit for 23 hit points of damage.

Xanaphia casts Call of Stone on Agrona.

HHH shot a crossbow bolt to Agrona and missed him.

Nuria casts a Shout spell and Agrona saves himself from it.

PW ranged sneak attacks Agrona for 12 hit points of damage with a crossbow bolt.

Agrona doesn’t save himself from Call of Stone, but casts Sanctuary on himself to prevent the adventurers from attacking him for 1 minute or less.

Xana succeeds on the Sanctuary spell, and delays her attack.

Nuria succeeds on the Sanctuary spell and casts Magic Missile to the Brooch of Shielding on Agrona for 16 points of damage.

PW doesn’t succeed on the Sanctuary spell.

Agrona succeeds on his 3rd attempt to save himself from the Call of Stone spell that Xana cast on him, and casts Silence on the area surrounding the adventurers.

Xana summons a Brown Bear to appear behind Agrona within the web.

Nuria casts 4 magic missiles to Agrona for 18 points of damage.

Agrona casts Magic Circle surrounding himself from the attackers.

HHH tried to move into the web, and couldn't find an opening to go through.

Ebreck stands up but can't hit Agrona.

Xana's brown bear attacks Agrona from behind and isn't able to.

Everyone is held in place except Nuria.

Belgarath walks in and asks Nuria: "what have you become?". Nuria explains the situation and Belgarath tells him: "You have so much more to learn" and takes Agrona to the Tower.

The adventurers explain to Benedict why we did what we did regarding Agrona while we're cleaning up the mess in the hall.  We also apologize profusely for the situation getting out of hand to the extent that it did.

The adventurers, minus Agrona, go to the Mage's Guild to talk to Belgarath. One of the sorcerers tells the adventurers that Belgarath isn't to be disturbed.

The adventurers go to the Order of the Phoenix with HHH to rest for the night.

Day 141

Nuria excuses herself during the night, and comes back later with Agrona.

Nuria explains to the adventurers that she was summoned by Belgarath and that Agrona is fine and to welcome him back to the group with no worries from him. Belgarath said that nothing has really changed with Agrona, even though HHH couldn't detect anything from him.

Go back to see Belgarath to tell him that we're going to see Andre to discuss the 4th piece of the Rod. Belgarath tells them to leave the Rod pieces with him for safekeeping.

The adventurers go seek an audience with Andre at the Black Stallion about the 4th piece. Gregory isn't there but we leave a message with the bartender seeking an audience with Andre. PW gives the bartender 10 gp for the message.

They decide to shop for upgrades for weaponry and armour while they're waiting for Andre's answer to our request.

Agrona goes to talk to Benedict regarding the preceding day's saga, says that he's still a cleric of Heironeous and asked about the Rod parts (divinations).  Benedict says that they have divinations on two pieces of the Rod, not just the 5th piece, but it could be any of the remaining pieces.

Meanwhile, HHH talked to Gareth regarding the current situation and gave him a momento and received a scale of Bronze Dragon.  HHH thanks him profusely and leaves.

Benedict tells us that one has been divined into the depths of the earth, very far from here, rumoured to be in the Underdark.  It can be reached by the Barrier Peaks.  The other piece has been divined near the Hell Furneces Mountains.  Barrier Peaks is a month away, and Hell Furneces is a month and a half away.

Agrona asks where we should head first. Benedict tells us to head to the Barrier Peaks first before we head to Hell Furneces.

PW goes to the Black Stallion to find out if Gregory is there. He is not around.

Nuria tries to research HHH's dragon scale. Finds nothing of interest.

Agrona communes with his god, Heironeous. He can ask 9 questions (one per level):

Nuria exchanges scrolls in order to write new ones. The party decides rest for the night.

Day 142

The adventurers continue their shopping expedition for climbing kits for each person, silk rope, etc.

HHH asked Gareth and the other paladins if they had any recommendations for other spells, equipment for our voyage. They said to have more Dispel Magic spells, etc.

Day 143-144

No activity.

Day 145

The bartender has a note for PW to meet Andre at the farm/ranch, alone at dusk that same day. PW goes up to the front door, knocks, a errand boy answers and says that he should go to the stables.

Andre is there brushing his horses. "Come in PW, you wanted to see me?"
"I did, you have the 4th piece of the Rod, and as you know, we are on a quest for all Seven pieces, we were wondering if we could offer you anything in exchange?"
"I have received very generous offers, so I doubt you can match them".
"I understand that..."
"You understand nothing" says Andre.
Again PW tries to discuss the exchange and Andre waves him off saying: "If something arises, I will make sure to notify you".
PW thanks him and returns to the adventurers and tells them what transpired.

The 4th Piece of the Rod of Seven Parts is no longer in Greyhawk, after Nuria gets the other 3 pieces back from Benedict and uses them to determine if the piece is still in the area.

Day 147

Ebreck receives his armour and weapons and the adventurers are ready to head out toward the Barrier Peaks.

Day 148-150

No activity, clear weather...

Day 151 (Daytime)

Fight with the 3 Ogres

Agrona cast a Silence spell on the area just in front of the ogres, who then move ahead of the affected area.

Nuria casts a Haste spell on all the adventurers giving them a +1 to their weapon attacks and add a second attack on their first.

Ebreck shoots one arrow with damage and then ends up dropping his weapon 6ft away behind him.

Xana shoots 3 arrows and damages one of the ogres for 13 pts of damage.

HHH cast a Protection from Evil spell on one of the ogres and marked him.

PW activates his ring of invisibility and moves forwar 40 ft.

Ebreck goes to pick up his bow.

Xana shoots 2 arrows to one of the ogres and hit for 11 pts of damage.

Nuria fireballing the ogres for 29 pts of damage.

PW moves 30 ft away from the ogres to do a sneak attack for 14 pts of damage.

Agrona casts Flame Strike on one of the ogres for 27 pts of damage and brings one of the ogres down. There are two left.

The ogres casts Cone of Cold on HHH and Agrona.  Agrona makes the save to not be affected by one, Henrietta the same, as well as HHH.  All three get 34 pts of damage and another 16 pts of damage.

Henrietta goes into Rage, no luck on the claws, but a natural bite for 6 pts of damage.  Another claw attack for 6 pts of damage.

HHH Smite Evil for 17 pts of damage.

Ebreck shoots arrows on the ogres for 23 pts of damage bringing down another ogre. With no adverse effects to himself or the others in the party.

Xana summons a Brown Bear with Summon Nature's Ally IV.

Ebreck shot one arrow and missed.

Nuria Magic Missiled for 15 pts of damage which killed the last ogre.

The adventurers search the bodies and find nothing.

Day 152

No activity during the day. During the night, the adventurers hear something in the sky, blurred, as they wait, it starts to look like a big cloud. As it comes closer, looks like tons of shapes in the sky, hear flapping of wings, they look really small, but we know that they are very high in the sky... Look like a swarm of demons. Agrona knows what they are and tells the rest of the group of Vrock, Hezrou, and Glabreazu flying towards Greyhawk.

Day 153

No activity during the day. HHH sees metallic (good) dragons flying towards Greyhawk.

Day 154-177

No activity during the day. No activity during the night.

Day 178

The adventurers reach the Barrier Peaks. Xana shape changes into an Eagle and sees a structure two mountain ranges towards the south of the Peaks.

Party starts moving towards the structure.

No activity during the day. No activity at night.

Day 179

No activity during the day. No activity at night.

Day 180

The adventurers spot a White Dragon, swooping down towards them while climbing a hill while it's snowing.

Fight against the White Dragon and 2 Ice Giants

Ebreck cast Resist Energy on himself.

Xana shape changes into an Eagle.

Nuria casts Haste onto everyone in the party.

HHH tries to shoot a crossbow, but misses.

Everyone makes the save against the dragon's breath attack except PW who does all his attacks at -2. Nuria, horses, Deus, Xana, PW, all take damage.

Agrona casts Cure Light Wounds en masse.

The dragon turns around and 2 ice giants have appeared.

Ebreck shot 3 arrows for 35 pts of damage.

Henrietta attacks an ice giant for 23 pts of damage.

Xana summons an Adult Arrowhawk behind the dragon.

Nuria fireballs the dragon directly and not hit the arrowhawk for 32 pts of fire damage.

Ebreck shoots an arrow and misses.

The dragon full attacks on Ebreck for 44 pts of damage.

PW sniper attack with the crossbow for 18 pts of damage on one of the ice giants.

Agrona casts Cure Critical Wounds on Ebreck for 41 hp, incurring an attack of opportunity from the dragon for 11 pts of damage.

Rhodesia runs around the dragon to bite from the rear. Doesn't work.

Ebreck full attack the dragon for 5 pts of damage and gets stunned for 30 seconds (falls to the ground).

Adult Arrowhawk flanks the dragon for 12 pts of damage.

Rhodesia bites the dragon for 6 pts of damage.

HHH full attacks the ice giant for 23 pts of damage using Divine Justice, and Smite Evil for a miss.

Henrietta full attacks for 5 pts of damage.

Xana Flame Strikes one Ice Giant for 35 pts of damange (half Holy, half Fire).

Nuria casts two Scorching Rays to an Ice Giant for 18 pts of damage.

HHH casts Smite Evil for 13 pts of damage.

Dragon attacks Agrona for 27 pts of damage with claws and bite and the Adult Arrowhawk for 12 pts of damage with a tail swipe.  It also breathes on Agrona for 21 pts of damage (now out cold) and 11 pts of damage on Ebreck.

PW moves towards the Ice Giants.

Ice Giant attacks Xana for 21 pts of damage.

Adult Arrowhawk attacks the Dragon for 12 pts of damage.

HHH attacks the Ice Giant for 25 pts of damage.

Henrietta misses.

Xana summoned a fire elemental in front of an ice giant.

Nuria Magic Missiled an Ice Giant for 13 pts of damage.

HHH Smiting Evil on the Ice Giant for 27 pts of damage.

The dragon kills the Adult Arrowhawk, and inflicts 12 pts of damage on Rhodesia.

PW cures himself for 7 hp and moves towards an Ice Giant.

Ice Giant kills the Fire Elemental.

Agrona tries to stabilize himself, doesn't succeed.

Rhodesia snaps at the dragon with no success.

HHH Lays Hands on himself for 35 hp.

Henrietta flanks the Dragon but doesn't succeed in attacking it.

Xana casts Flaming Sphere on the Ice Giant who saves himself from the fire damage.

Nuria Magic Missiles the Dragon for 16 pts of damage.

Rhodesia dies when the Dragon attacks her.

The dragon misses HHH.

PW sneak attacks the Ice Giant for 21 pts of damage.

Ice Giant attacks Xana for 14 pts of damage.

Agrona tries to stabilize himself, doesn't succeed.

HHH dismounts and casts Cure Serious Wounds on Agrona for 28 hp.

Henrietta misses the dragon on claw attacks, but not on bite, deals 9 pts of damage.

Xana casts Drifts of the Shalm, smouldering ash on the Ice Giant for 3 pts of damage per round for 9 rounds.

Nuria casts Magic Missiles for 16 pts of damage on the Dragon.

Dragon turns around and moves towards HHH, claw and bite attacks on HHH and tail on Henrietta.  21 pts of damage on HHH.  14 pts of damage on Henrietta.

PW moves behind the Ice Giant.

Ice Giant attacks Nuria for 22 pts of damage.

Agrona casts Cure Light Wounds en masse for 17 hp except PW who's too far out.

HHH hit for 10 pts of damage on the Dragon, but trips and falls and stuns himself for 12 seconds.

Henrietta raging on the Dragon for a bite for 9 pts of damage.

Xana summons a Thoqqua on the Dragon.

Nuria Magic Missiles on the Dragon for 12 pts of damage.

Dragon attacks Henrietta for 20 pts of damage and 13 pts of tail damage on Agrona.

PW sneak attacks the Ice Giant for 20 pts of damage and moves again.

Ice Giant attacks Nuria for 16 pts of damage.

Agrona Flame Strikes the Dragon for 30 pts of damage (15 Holy and 15 Fire) and it dies.

Henrietta ran forward towards the Ice Giant.

Xana casts Produce Flame and hurls it to the Ice Giant for 6 pts of damage.

Nuria casts Magic Missile for 12 pts of damage and it dies.

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