The Journals of Old Greyhawk and the Founding of NewHawk City
- Chapter Twelve

Adventure Date: February 17, 2007
Last Updated: January 15, 2009

Day 126

Agrona finished divinely blasting opponents, and healing the party
HHH detects that the Mace of the dead cleric is evil, sees Agrona moving towards it, commands Henrietta to try to sit on and stop Agrona
Agrona manages to grab both the 3rd piece of the rod and the evil mace.
HHH cannot detect anything evil on Agrona because something is blocking his detection.
Henrietta leaps to grapple, splat, Agrona, squished
PW takes the rod; Xana tries to grab the rod from PW and misses.

Magic Breastplate is mithral
Adventure gear (x5) = 100 gp each
Have 5 days before we leave for Greyhawk
Agrona has cleric's gear but not rod
PW has rogue's gear and rod
HHH has Blackguard's gear
Ebreck has barbarian's gear
Xana has druid's gear

Go to empty barn (drag bodies into barn)
Summoned badgers and Henrietta dig tunnel to cell wall, but hit stone and cannot go further.

Knowledge Arcana by Nuria

  • Bracelet - nature plants
  • Crown - geared for female wearers
  • Blackguard ring - abjuration
  • Rogue ring - illusion type
  • Cleric ring - religious item
  • Brooch - protective nature

    Party rests, Black Dragon still sitting on tower

    Day 127

    Overcast skies, Xana casts stoneshape a few times but not enough to get through stone.
    So party rests, Black Dragon still sitting on tower.

    Day 128

    Xana uses stoneshape again but when the masonry is reached under the tower, it is found to be impenetrable.
    Nuria tries to dimension door into the tower, but some force is preventing and repelling her from succeeding.
    Nuria then casts Invisibility sphere and they all try to sneak in through the front door, but the black dragon swoops down and blocks the path to the tower. So, our heroes decide to flee like craven cowards back to Greyhawk as fast as we can

    Day 138

    The journey back to Greyhawk was uneventful Upon return, debrief Belgarath - more then one player trying to find rod, but no one know

    Identify items, Agrona refuses to have his identified, but the guild wizard only has to look at the items to identify them. Have 1652 gp in coins from bad guys, pay to have a guild wizard cast "analyze dweomer" for 1620 gp, leaves the crew with 32 gp in loot + gear

    Xana's old dagger is magical Dagger +1 (2,302 gp) given to Nuria

    rom the Barbarian:
    Great axe +2 (8,320 gp) given to Ebreck
    Mithral Breastplate +1 (5,200 gp) given to Ebreck

  • treated as light armor, not medium
  • AC = +6, Max Dex = +5, AC check = -1, spell failure = 15%, wt = 15 lbs
    Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (2,000 gp) given to HHH
    Gloves of Swimming and Climbing (6,250 gp) given to PW

    From the thief
    Dagger +2 (8,302 gp) given to PW
    Leather armor +2 (4,160 gp) sold
    Ring of Invisibility (20,000 gp) given to PW
    Dark Blue Rhomboid ioun stone (10,000 gp) given to PW

  • grant alertness (as per the feat) to the owner

    From the Cleric
    Full-plate, non-magical (1,500 gp) sold
    Mace (could not be identified - Mace of Blood?) taken by Agrona
    Ring of Unholiness taken by Agrona

  • cleric's only, +1 spell/spell level (no good or healing spells)
    Girdle (no longer magical) taken by Agrona
    Brooch of Shielding (315 gp) taken by Agrona
  • provides 21 hp vs. magic missiles
    Strand of Prayer Beads (9,000 gp) taken by Agrona
  • Bead of healing (Wearer can cast his choice of cure serious wounds, remove blindness/deafness, or remove disease), usable once/day

    From the Blackguard
    Full-plate, non-magical (1,500 gp) sold
    Longsword +2 (8,315 gp) given to Xana
    Periapt of Wound Closure (15,000 gp) given to Ebreck
    Ring of Fire Resistance, Minor (12,000 gp) given to HHH

  • provides 10 points if fire resistance

    From the Druid
    Hide Armor +1 (1,165 gp) sold
    Ivy Bracelet (?,??? gp) given to Xana

  • Only Druids
  • Plant control 1/day
  • Speak with plants 1/day
    Boots of Elvenkind (2,500 gp) given to Nuria
    Crown of Unicorns (?,??? gp) given to Xana
  • Only females
  • Telepathically talk to Unicorns
  • Can only be removed by will of the user or if killed.

    Sold the two suits of full plate (3,000 gp total), Ebreck's mithral chainshirt +1 (2,100 gp), the leather armor +2 (4,160 gp), and the hide armor +1 (1,165 gp). Items were valued at 10, 425 gp but group was only able to sell them for 6,000 gp. Decided to split the money evenly, giving 1000 gp to each member of the party. The bad guys adventuring gear was sold for 75 gp (x5) for a total of 375 gp. This was added to the group funds, bringing the total to 407 gp (375 gp + 32 gp).

    Next visit Benedict the Elder, the Pope of Heironeous
    - Debrief, will summon when more is known about the whereabouts of the rod
    HHH pointy to Agrona E-V-I-L
    Agrona asked to leave the Mace, resisted, but eventually relented

    One of the priests says there is a force preventing detection around Agrona, but he does not seem evil by his actions yet.

    Go back to Belgarath, Benedict Arrives
    - 4th piece of the Rod arriving in town in one or two days
    Festival - celebrate the independence of Greyhawk
    Games, parties, plays and an auction
    Rod to be auctioned off
    City has raised 1,000,000 gp in coins and other items to be bartered.
    The mayor of Greyhawk will be the auctioneer

    HHH will bid on our behalf and for the city of Greyhawk.

    HHH goes back to his order, no news from those sent out.

    Nuria researching if Mace mentioned in rod legends
    There are types of maces, sacrificial, cover in blood to gain powers (Mace of Blood?)

    Last piece of the rod is always hidden, so could not be assembled in full, but would appear in times of need.

    The 4th piece of the Rod will be the last item to be auctioned. The owner/seller is anonymous. Other items to be auctioned include:

  • Book of Infinite Spells
  • Sphere of Annihilation
  • Staff of the Magi
  • Deck of Many Things

    PW asks Gregory about becoming a Shadow Dancer; he will be called upon by Andre to perform some tasks, no reveal the secrets.

    Nuria asks Belgarath and Joshua about helping her discover the abilities of the Ultimate Magus. All will be learning.

    Day 139

    All show up for Rod, all three linked together now.

  • Rod #3 (6"); "hold person" (23 rounds, caster level = 14th); command word "Freeze, freeze, freeze"; 1/day
  • Rod #1 + #2 + #3; "charm person" (23 rounds, caster level= 14th); command word "1,2,3, you and me"; 1/day
  • Any three Rod segments; acts as a light mace +1; gives +1 saves vs. magic

    Day 140

    There is a huge party in the streets on the day of the auction. People are out celebrating the anniversary of the founding of the city of Greyhawk.

    Various competitions are underway to showcase one's skill in combat with a particular type of weapon, a perfect opportunity for our heroes to show the city population the skill and might that will defeat the enemy and bring peace to their lives once again.

    The cost is 5 gp to enter each competition. The prizes in each category:
    First prize = magic weapon of the type used.
    Second prize = 250 gp
    Third prize = 100 gp
    Fourth prize = 50 gp

    Crossbow competition
    855 contestants enter, first round need to hit AC 20
    PW and Nuria advance
    Ebreck and Xana out
    Agrona royally screws up shot, stumbles, twists ankle, and out of 853 other participants plus a huge cheering crowd, still manages to shoot Nuria in the butt for 3 hp. Nuria glares at Agrona, and then uses the rod to heal herself.

    Second round AC 22 Nuria and PW out. Nuria blames Agrona for distracting her from his earlier poking her in the ass.

    Bow competition
    Xana and Ebreck eliminated in the first round

    Throwing competition
    PW fall and splat on ground, Talon won, Ebreck was out.

    Jousting competition
    HHH failed to notice that when Henrietta scratched her tummy, she loosened the saddle belt, and so as Henrietta leaped furiously to the charge, HHH saddle slipped to the side, and by the second leap, HHH and the saddle were both rolling along the ground.

    Slashing melee competition
    Ebreck showing his skill with a handaxe, Ebreck eliminated in the first round

    HHH enters with longsword and finds his opponent to be Andre. HHH gets eliminated in first round

    Blunt melee competition
    Ebreck enters with a warhammer, wins first round, then goes up against Trevor Goodchild in second round, but whacks himself in the knee, and Trevor taking advantage of the situation, follows through with a critical hit, knocking Ebreck out cold.

    HHH enters with a warhammer, wins first round, but is eliminated in the second.

    Piercing competition
    PW eliminated in first round
    HHH eliminated in first round

    Exotic weapon competition
    Ebreck using his mighty Urgosh, makes it through the first round, but in the second round, slips and strikes himself, stunning him momentarily and allowing his opponent to claim an easy victory.
    HHH using his mighty gnome hook hammer, easily defeats his wimpy and scrawny opponent in the first round. In the second round, and to everyone's surprise, HHH succeeds and proceeds to the quarterfinals where unfortunately, he is nun-chucked by a monk, and eliminated from the competition.

    The heroes' cunning plan of deception has worked. Lulling our enemies into thinking that we are unskilled fools thus allowing them to underestimate us.


    PW picks up rumours that the Duke's Daughter Tamara (24 years old) was recently engaged to Talon (16 years old), which might suggest a joining of the two thieves' guilds. PW finds them both at the same dinner table, and congratulates them on their impending nuptials, hoping that Tamara does not tell Talon, his boss, about the little bondage incident with his new bride to be.

    Then normal auction

    HHH purchases a "Headband of Concentration +1"

  • Grant +1 competence bonus to Concentration checks

    PW purchases "Bracers of Bluffing +2"

  • Grant +2 competence bonus to Bluff checks

    Agrona purchases "Headband of Concentration +2"

  • Grant +2 competence bonus to Concentration checks

    Nuria gets an "Arcane Book of Knowledge +2"

  • Grant +2 competence bonus to Knowledge, arcana checks

    Valera's Drow servant spotted in crowd, Nuria remembers that caster had escaped by breaking unicorn horn, new book has notes on saying that one can slaughter unicorn in ritual and use horn as a teleportation tool.

    Dark elf and Lady Cathy leave arena, followed by PW, look at PW (invisible) told not to follow. Nuria also follows using PW hat of disguise, but stopped by guards, Smokey tries to sneak in, gets past guards, but not mages guarding the second door.

    The Auction

    Lady Cathy guides HHH to a secluded and guarded room for the main auction. Inside is the Mayor, who will act as the auctioneer, plus:

  • Gareth
  • Elizar, ex- lich - evil
  • Scantily clad female human - evil
  • Tall human in full-plate with spikes - evil
  • Andre, assassin guild master - evil
  • Frank (river swimmer)
  • Trevor, priest of Nerull - evil
  • Tamara, Duke's Daughter
  • Dark elf -evil
  • Lady - evil
  • Guardo - evil
  • Humanoid hidden in cloak

    Bidders introduce themselves

  • Gareth Dragonsbane - representing self - to get holy avenger
  • Elizar, Master Druid - re-awakened - representing self
  • Rose, the scantily clad tart, representing her master - to help or hinder
  • Crimson, Hell's Furnace rider - representing clan (tells HHH that they will meet soon)
  • Andre Karmen - representing assassin's guild
  • Frank of the river, - representing fey creatures
  • Trevor Goodchild - representing church of Nerull
  • Morlock, drow - representing the underdark
  • Tamara - representing the Duchy of Urnst
  • HHH - representing the City of Greyhawk
  • Guardo - representing the Trader's Agreement
  • Lady Valera (5'2" 150 lbs, blue eyes, black hair) - representing Red Wizards of the Realm
  • Zotar - good outsiders

    Items up for Sale

    Book of Infinite Spells

  • Started at 50,000 gp
  • Dark elf gets for 75,000 gp

    Sphere of Annihilation

  • Started at 100,000 gp
  • Zotar wins at 250,000 gp


    HHH, hesitant about his new role of Paladin the Pimp, tells Nuria and Xana that Frank has offered half the gold in his river bed (up to 260,000 gp) to their cause, if only the two ladies would agree to spend a couple of days with him in the pursuit of mutual sensual pleasures in his river home sometime before the end of the week. Nuria readily agrees, Xana takes convincing, but relents to sacrifice herself for the greater good.

    Gareth offers to donate whatever is left over towards obtaining the Rod, after he has successfully obtained the Holy Avenger.

    Smokey is given a shocking grasp touch spell, and sneaks into the bid chambers on HHH

    Back to the bidding

    Staff of the Magi

  • Started at 100,000 gp
  • Lady Valera wins with 300,000 gp

    Deck of Many Things

  • Started at 100,000 gp
  • Tamara wins at 300,000 gp

    Holy Avenger (intelligent)

  • Started at 250,000 gp
  • Gareth wins at 420,000 gp (thus can donate 80,000 gp to HHH to bid on rod)

    Hand and Eye of Veccna

  • Start at 500,000 gp
  • Elizar wins at 800,000 gp

    HHH notices some bidding alliances/rivalries are in effect:

  • Tamara and Guardo - Trade alliance
  • Lady Valera and Morlock - "team Orcus"
  • Elizar and Trevor - "team non-Orcus"
  • Crimson - opposing Lady Valera

    4th piece of the Rod

  • Rod #4 (7"); "greater invisibility" (23 rounds, caster level = 14th); command word "Gone for now"; 1/day
  • Rod #1 + #2 + #3 +#4; "charm monster" (23 rounds, caster level= 14th); command word "1,2,3,4, I am your friend forever more"; 1/day
  • Any four Rod segments; acts as a light mace +2; and, "protection from evil" (23 rounds, caster level = 14th); command word "see, hear, speak no evil"; 1/day

    HHH now has 1,450,000 gp to bid with (1,000,000 gp from city, 260,000 gp from Frank, 80,000 gp from Gareth, and players magic items should get another 90,000 gp)

    The bidding will start at 750,000 gp

  • Lady Valera---------- 750,000 gp
  • HHH------------------ 800,000 gp
  • Crimson-------------- 850,000 gp
  • HHH------------------ 900,000 gp
  • Lady Valera---------- 950,000 gp
  • Crimson------------- 1,000,000 gp
  • HHH----------------- 1,050,000 gp
  • Lady Valera--------- 1,100,000 gp
  • HHH----------------- 1,150,000 gp

    Rose requests a recess mid-bid, HHH wishing to thwart the desires of all evil creatures, even scantily clad ones, objects, so the bidding continues…

  • Crimson------------- 1,200,000 gp
  • HHH----------------- 1,250,000 gp
  • Crimson------------- 1,300,000 gp
  • Lady Valera--------- 1,350,000 gp
  • HHH----------------- 1,400,000 gp

    Guardo signals Tamara who nods, who then signals Crimson

  • Crimson------------- 1,450,000 gp
  • Lady Valera--------- 1,500,000 gp

    Panicking that he no longer has the funds to continue, HHH requests a recess mid-bid, Rose objects and sticks out her tongue at HHH, so the bidding continues…

  • Crimson------------- 1, 550,000 gp
  • Lady Valera--------- 1, 600,000 gp

    Andre stands up and bellows, "Let's end this fucking bullshit right now"

  • Andre--------------- 3,000,000 gp


    The winning bid goes to Andre, the winners are brought up to the front to pay for and collect their items. The rest are ushered outside.

    End of session...

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