The Journals of Old Greyhawk and the Founding of NewHawk City
- Chapter Two

Adventure Date: February 10, 2006
Last Updated: January 6, 2009

Day 7

"Log" Room

Started adventure back in the "Log" Room after resting in the study. Decide to leave the enchanted "log" in the room and explore the cave further.


Found some rusted weaponry, nothing worth collecting/carrying.

Storage Room

Found two weeks' worth of rations, distributed among adventurers evenly.


Items collected: 2 magic pans, 1 magic can, 1 magic towel, 1 magic apron.

Battle in Barracks Room with 4 gnolls barricaded within and 2 gnolls at our backs at entrance of cave

Items collected: 24 silver pieces, 8 gold pieces, 6 daggers and 6 battle axes.

Day 7-11

Adventurers decide to bring enchanted "log" back to Greyhawk. Travel back to Greyhawk with no incident.

Day 12-13

Sold gear to merchants.

Tested out magic items to determine their special abilities.

Sold magic box (which made everything taste like chocolate whenever you put in anything inside of it), and shortbows for profit and split among adventurers.

Approximately 200 silver pieces are used to pay for food, lodging and horse care for the next month (30 days) for all adventurers.

Once her companions departed to their own homes, Nuria requested a private meeting with Joshua the Sage. There she expressed that she would need more then her inborn talents as a Sorcerer if she was to defeat her mother. She would have to know everything there was to know about magic. This she could only accomplish by studying as a Wizard. Joshua the Sage reluctantly agreed, but said that this was something he could not teach her, she would require a new teacher.

The next morning, she was summoned to the chambers of "Belgarath the White", a very old grey elf wizard who specialized in transmutation magic. After examining her aura, Belgarath the White informed Nuria that she would make a strong summoner if she chose to specialize in Conjuration. Nuria thought about this, but ultimately rejected it as that was her mother's path.

Her mother had taken the easy way to power and either corrupted the magic or the magic corrupted her. No, Nuria needed to take her own route. She needed to know all the intimate details about magic, to learn how to make it flexible, and even how to counter the spells of others. That same day, Nuria began inscribing her new spellbook and over the next month, her journey to becoming a true Wizard will begin.

Xanaphia went to the grove at Druid's Gate to meet with her fellow druids, Aquilla (high druidess), Almon, Robyn, Elize, Abraham, Lerissa and Shane. Aquilla performs a ceremony at dusk where she sees a vision of the world, green areas of the world turn black (defoliation), then the vision is gone. The druids chat briefly and decide that the symbolism of the vision is a threat to the world.

Agrona searched out Caledan (head cleric), tells of adventure so far, asks about seal on the note found in gnoll cave, will be researched and the results will be determined soon.

Triple "H" returned to his friends at the Order of the Phoenix (leader is Troy Trueheart, who is human) to tell of the adventure so far. The Order of Paladins will research the evil cult's God for the adventurers. "H" will use Frizzle's lab to make Alchemy crafts.

Pennyweight touched based with his Thieves' Guild - Familjen and his two contacts at the Guild: Guwin the Borrower (Halfling) and Brutus the Small (Gnome). The Guildmaster is Talin Quickfinger (16 year old human).

Day 14

Town Meeting

As the adventurers approach the building where the town meeting is to be held, they see that the doors are guarded by city guards on either side. Not needing an introduction, they are escorted to the big meeting room inside.

There they recognize 5 people: Joshua the Sage; Belgarath the White; Benedict the Elder, Duke of Urnst (Cyrano); and the Lord Mayor of Greyhawk (Harry).

Note: Pennyweight heard a rumour that the Mayor of Greyhawk is a rogue ("former or still practicing, who knows, but based on the fact that he is a politician, he's probably still practicing", he notes). Duke was once a paladin, now an Eldritch Knight.

Meeting has come to order, the results of the research is to be the first order of business.

Implications of the symbol (Orcus) are that it was used by an ancient cult who was once present in the city, although a great exterior force created it.

The consensus is the fear that the cult will reinstate itself, converging around the outside of the city. Evil is the primary goal of this cult.

Once decimated by a band of heroes a couple of hundred years ago, with surrounding people banding together. Belgarath was there at the time, may be able to give the adventurers more information.

There was a great war against evil. There were some dragons, good and evil. Humanoid monsters were banned due to their attacks against commonfolk.

Adventurer's new mission (*information provided by Belgarath himself)
There are traces of cult in the city, find out and investigate whether it is being reinstated in and around the city. South end of the city is basis of the cult. There was a temple there once, it had been demolished, but was situated in the middle of the south end of the city. At the peak of its power, the cult was spread as far east as The Rakers Mountains, as far west as The Barrier Peaks. Headquarters was never found. More research to be done while you investigate the city. At the end of the month, you will all get 1000 GP each, in exchange for evidence to confirm that the cult is still active, capture of any prisoners related to the cult that you bring back alive and you will have an advance of 100 GP each for supplies. Good luck to you all.

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