The Journals of Old Greyhawk and the Founding of NewHawk City
- Chapter One

Adventure Date: January 7, 2006
Last Updated: January 6, 2009

Day 1

Nuria Darkfire is dispatched by Joshua the Sage (Sorcerer) from the Tower to gather up the other members of the adventure to investigate the sightings of a dragon in the mountains nearby.  The group totals 6 and they are: Nuria Darkfire (Human Sorcerer/Wizard), Triple "H" (Gnome Paladin), Agrona the Fierce (Human Cleric), Ebreck of Clan Loderr (Dwarf Ranger), "Pennyweight" (Halfling Rogue), and Xanaphia Xiloscient (Elf Druid) with her animal companion, Wolfgang/Deus (Wolf).

Day 2-3

Traveling from Greyhawk to the mountains. They intercepted a hill giant foraging for food near an inn we had just passed. They fed him and asked for information on the whereabouts of the dragon. He told them that the gnolls have been gathering all the food to feed the dragon, and that there was a cave in the mountains towards the west.

Day 4

Battle with 4 gnolls

Items collected: 3 short bows, 55 arrows, 4 battle axes and 10 silver pieces.

Day 5

Battle with 3 gnolls near cave (see maps)

Items collected: 10 silver pieces, 57 arrows, 3 battle axes, and 3 shortbows.

Day 6

Battle in cave with 2 gnolls (near refuse room)

Items collected: 2 battle axes.

Battle in cave with gnoll matrons; 5 younglings

Items collected: Nothing.

Search of female gnoll sleeping quarters

Items collected: 12 silvers.

Search of study

Items collected: 5-6 books (i.e.: clans in gnoll society, how to rear a dragon)


Stamp (seal) looks like rotting ram head with horns.
Agrona recognizes it as orcus.

Battle in cave with 6 gnolls

Items collected: 1 box (Magic), 1 earring (Magic), 27 gold pieces, 3 gems (50 gp/each), short sword (Magic), 4 axes, 3 short bows, 60 arrows, 1 magic axe and 1 armband (Magic).

"Log" Room

Items collected: 300 gold pieces, 300 silver pieces and 5 platinum pieces.

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