Lord Bly’s Banking and Loans

Last updated: May 20, 2017

Are you a few coins short of a major purchase? Feeling under-equipped for life’s little hurdles? Why wait? Take action now to possess everything you could need or want.
Lord Bly’s loan services will advance you the requested funds or provide letters of credit as required.
Our competitive 50% interest rate* is the best in Waterdeep and will be added to the amount owing.
Amounts owing on a loan are paid back over 10 “easy” payments every 10 days.

*The 50% interest rate requires the designation of collateral equal or greater than the funds loaned and will be forfeit to Lord Bly or his agents in the event a payment is missed.
E.g.: A 1,000 gp loan requires that 1,500 gp be paid back in 10 easy payments of 150 gp each and will require designation of an item worth 1,000 gp that will be forfeit if a payment is missed.

  • If forfeit, the value of the item will be subtracted from your original loan amount and interest owed.
  • Any remaining debt will still have to be repaid as per the regularly scheduled payments until the remaining debt is paid. Any surplus funds are forfeit and will not be returned.
  • A finder’s fee will be applied to your debt should the services of a professional retrieval expert be required to collect on the collateral.

    Don’t want to carry all those coins around with you and risk losing them or having them taken from you (pickpockets, burglaries, dungeon monsters, etc…)?
    For a mere 1% annual fee of all funds and valuables deposited (a cp for every gp), Lord Bly’s banking services will safely store your most treasured keepsakes and valuables in their magical and theft proof security vaults.
    All deposits are guaranteed and can be withdrawn during regular business hours.
    Letters of credit are also available for large purchases using your deposit as collateral.

  • For example: depositing 1,000 gp will cost 10 gp for the year. Additional fees are paid when new funds are deposited that exceed the original deposit. No refunds for early withdrawals.

    Safety deposit boxes are also available for a flat 100 gp per year. Each box can easily store an item the size of a standard spell book.

    Also, ask about our Adventurer’s Package!
    Lay-away plans for pre-paid raise dead/resurrections available. Craft a “living” will to allow the release of your banking deposit to defray the cost of your raise dead/resurrection requirements or designate a beneficiary (i.e. back-up character) to inherit your funds, minus any debt and estate taxes, should it be time for your eternal rest.

    Lord Bly’s Banking and Loans is an equal opportunity exploiter.
    All inquiries welcome.

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