LIVE - Chapter 17 - Loot

Adventure Date: January 26, 2019

Last Updated: January 29, 2019

From CHAPTER 17 - FINAL LOOT TOTAL FOR EACH CHARACTER 	= 194 gp (still to be paid out)
							= +117 gp (if we sell the spellbook)
Barid owes a debt to some mysterious benefactor for paying off his old debt of 11,200 gp to the Knights of the Shield.
Dolora owes 1,344 gp to Barid for the casting of Raise Dead
Oriana spent 150 gp to acquire intel on the do-gooder mercenaries from Zilvazaraat, Half-Ogre Bouncer at Inn of the Dripping Dagger 
Our 5 horses are still in Uluvin, although Shodan liberated 2 replacements from the Inn
- Oriana sent runners to retrieve the horses
Dolora repaid Oriana and Morticia the 50 gp she borrowed to pay the seer to provide information on where to find her minion Taylor.
All of Dolora's debts (450 gp) to Tormod were wiped clean when Tormod died.
- careful Barid, Dolora may adopt a similar strategy for dealing with her debt to you.


1. Potentially 4 guards and 10 more slaves alive in cave complex that were traded 
   by the goblins to other cavern dwellers (such as the bugbears)
   - likely all dead by now. None were found in the Bugbear caves, but could still be in goblin 
     or elsewhere...

2. Lady Alathene has offered a reward of 10,000 gp for the return of her ring, 
   a family heirloom, stolen by 4 rogue prospects of the Red Sashes (Lila, Jasper, Gordon and Eric), 
   who have fled and entered the undermountain, according to Jarundar (dwarven red sash).
   - possibly a hoax as ambushed by experienced rogues. Defeated them, except for Eric who escaped.
   - ring was not found
   - spread rumor to lure Eric out of hiding "George needed a place to hide, and was willing 
     to pay for the service, but only trusted Eric of the Red Sashes to do so"
   - Eric helped the do-gooder gnome on the snow leopard escape and flee to waterdeep to rat them out
   - Eric's abilities:
     - Rogue? Level = ?
     - suspected items: ring of invisibility (he has suddenly vanished twice on us)
   - ERIC THE RED IS DEAD. Injured by Dwor, deathblow by Oriana, and eaten by the beholder known as the Eye.

3. the Wascally Wed Wizard is hunting Morticia for alleged murder
   -'s abilities: 
     - Character Level 7?  = 	Wizard 5? (specialist school = evocation? conjuration?, prohibited = illusion and necromancy)
				Red Wizard 2? (cannot cast spells from 3rd prohibited school if spell level is 4+ = ?)  
     - known spells = 	L1 = 	conj: 	mage armor
				ench:	charm person?,sleep 
				evoc:	magic missile, 
                      	L2 = 	evoc:	gust of wind, scorching ray 
				trans:	cat's grace
			L3 = 	abj:	dispel magic, 
				evoc:	fireball
			L4 = 	div:	scrying
     - known items = Magic Belt, Wand of Color Spray, teleport rod (one-shot, used)
     - has 5 flunky's in his employ (Thayan Knights?) and 2 apprentices (dead)
     - whoever loaned him the flesh golem is not going to be happy to learn of its destruction :)
   - spread rumor that " the Wascally Wed Wizad has no honaw and only wins majwic duels when cheweating!"
     - since Oriana noticed he cheated during his mage duel with Morticia
   - Oriana pretended to be a drunk at the Golden Horn Gambling House rambling on about 
     how he hated being known as Turdious Stool's Little Turd and that he managed to frame Morticia
     for Stool's murder, made a big fuss about what a big shot he was amongst the Red Wizards
     - meanwhile, tried to lure out of Red Wizard compound to Temple of Mystra for a 
       fake mage duel with Morticia, so that he would have no alibi, but he was a no show
   - Red Wizards are handing out wanted posters of Morticia and have raised the bounty from 1,000 gp to 5,000 gp.
     Low bounty is still kind of insulting.

4. Lord Bly Ruldegost has tasked them to take out a group of mercenaries hired by the Lords of 
   Waterdeep. The mercenaries were to stop a tribe of rampaging ogres from attacking local villages.
   By stopping the mercenaries, people will still be afraid of the ogres and buy more weapons.
   Lord Bly has promised a share of the profits or "royalty" from the sale of weapons.
   - ogres have been attacking merchants along the river and road near Uluvin on the road 
     to Secomber
   - The ardeep forest is home to goblins, ogres, hill giants, marsh giants and rumors of a treant.
     - At least 14 Ogres have been killed including a "chief" and a "mage".
     - The treant is not a rumour, it exists.
   - a dozen do-gooder mercenaries have gone to the Ardeep forest near the Stump Bog to track down 
     down and kill the ogres (actual number of force = 14).  
     - Male Dwarf Paladin of Tyr - DEAD - has half-plate, hvy steel shield and warhammer
     - Lilia - Female Gnome melee type - ESCAPED - rides a snow leopard (ranger animal companion? paladin mount?)
       - aided by Eric of the Red Sashes, is fleeing to Waterdeep to claim that the party attacked them.
     - Female Human Cleric of Tyr - DEAD
     - Male Human Wizard - DEAD (sorcerer? since was wielding a spear)
     - Male Wood Elf Divine Caster type - ESCAPED, seen briefly when gnome fled
     - Eksel - Female Human Arcane Caster type (Bard?) - UNSEEN, but heard singing in the distance
     - 8 Human Mercanaries, 4 male and 4 female - cannon fodder support squad
       - Were being led by Eric of the Red Sashes (can use this against the gnome's story)
       - Eric has disappeared, 6 Mercs are DEAD, 2 Mercs have fled
     Lilia made it to town a few hours before the party and claimed that they had attacked her party first.
     Lord Bly greased some palms to stop the investigation, but Lilia and her friends are under protection
     of the Grey Enforcers (elite guards of the Lords of Waterdeep).

5.  Barid claims a local cell of Bane worshippers are in need of a funeral escort for an important follower of Bane
    from a village 2-3 hours outside of Waterdeep to the City of the Dead within Waterdeep for a ceramonial burial.
    - Barid claims the Bane worshippers are low on funds (i.e. poor) and unable to pay us, but will provide information
      on the Red Wizards instead, in terms of why they are after Morticia and handing out the wanted posters.
    - Divinations warned that red sashes, cyric, umberlee, and maybe Tyr may try to disrupt.
    - attacked by ruffians in purple cloaks - they fled
    - also attacked by long range spellcaster - fireballs and illusions of an adventuring party
    - dead guy buried in city of the dead, priests seemed concerned about something at end of ceremony 
    - Barid got info on red wizards, says it is not just, but his superiors that are giving orders.
      They have taken an interest in not just Morticia, but the whole party as well.

6.  Dolora's pet Taylor went missing, kidnapped by persons unknown and wound up in the hands of some Hags 
    and their ogre servants.
    - Tormod was slain by the Annis Hag. 
    - Dolora's cult decided not to put forward the funds to raise Tormod from the dead. He stayed dead.
    - The rest of the party looted his corpse, what little that could be found amongst Tormod's gooey remains.
    - Taylor was rescued and returned to her mistress, Dolora.

7.  Volo lost a friend, Flune Blagmaar, a handsome human male with blond-red wavy ginger hair. Flune is flamboyant
    and was wearing princely clothes when he went missing two nights ago from the Steward Dragon Inn in Dockward 
    located between Net Street and Fillet Lane.  
    - Volo has provided an advance of 10 dragons (10 pp or 100 gp) each for agreeing to find his friend.
    - Volo has promised 100 dragons (100 pp or 1000 gp) each if they find Flune and bring him back to Volo.
    - Volo will be staying at the Yawning Portal Inn for the next 30 days if he needs to be reached.

Group Kitty	= 0 coins/gems  = 0 lbs = 0 gp = 50 gp/lb 

pp =  		= 60		 	     =      600    gp        	=   500 gp/lb
gp =  		= 244			     =      244    gp        	=    50 gp/lb
sp =  		= 17		             =        1.7  gp        	=     5 gp/lb
cp =  		= 14			     =        0.14 gp     	=     0.5 gp/lb

Total Loot from Coins, gems, jewelry, art 		= 845.84 gp
Value of Items to be sold = 30.3 gp + 1,928 gp = 1,958.3
- half cost = 979.15 gp 

Total value of LOOT = 1,824.99 gp
- with 9 sp and 9 cp left in the kitty

Group Kitty	= 0 coins/gems  = 0 lbs = 0 gp = 50 gp/lb 

pp =  		= 0		 	     =        0    gp        	=   500 gp/lb
gp =  		= 443			     =        0    gp        	=    50 gp/lb
sp =  		= 9		             =        0.9  gp        	=     5 gp/lb
cp =  		= 9			     =        0.09 gp     	=     0.5 gp/lb

Total Loot from Coins, gems, jewelry, art 		= 443.99 gp
Value of Items to be sold = 868 gp + 578 gp = 1,446 gp
- half value = 723 gp 

Total value of LOOT = 1,166.99 gp
- with 2 gp, 9 sp and 9 cp left in the kitty

Items kept:
- yellow robe worn by an apprentice to the Red Wizards (to be used as a disguise)
- silver holy symbol of Tyr (25 gp each) = x2
- 11 ogre heads with jaws removed to use as proof of the kill to collect bounty
	- 8 heads from Ardeep Forest   
		- includes chief's head and ogre mage's head
	- 3 heads from the hag sisters
- head of a Lightning Remorhaz taken as a trophy

Chapter 16
---------                                       value   value    value    wt     wt
                                                each    total    resale   each   total
Source       #    	Item                   (gp)    (gp)     (gp)     (lbs)  (lbs)   gp/lb  Notes
------       ---  	----                   -----   -----    -----    -----  -----   -----  -----
Tormod's 		dastana (25 gp)								sold
corpse			backpack (2 gp)								sold
			bedroll (1 sp)								sold
			trail rations								used
			waterskin (1 gp)							sold
			potion belt (1 gp)							sold
			belt pouch (1 gp)							sold
			sling & 20 sling bullets (2 sp)						sold
				= 19 gp	- 15 gp (identify potions) = 4 gp			kitty
				= 17 sp								kitty
				= 14 cp								kitty
			bull's eye lantern with continual flame (122 gp)			Dolora
			Watch Lamp - headband - create ball of torch light on/off (500 gp)	Barid
			silk rope 50 ft (10 gp)							Oriana
			thunderstone (30 gp)							Taylor
			flask of acid (10 gp)							Taylor
			flask of alchemist's fire (20 gp)					Shodan
			Potion of Bull's Strength (300 gp)					Shodan
			Potion of Shield of Faith +2 (50 gp)					Oriana
			Healing Belt (750 gp)							Morticia
			black dragonfang shortsword (610 gp)					Oriana

Phalantar’s 		Lichdust (cost the group 250 gp, each contributed 50 gp - except Dwor)	Dolora carrying
Philtres & Components 	

Eric's Red Sashes	4 masterwork studded leather armor (175 gp each = 700 gp total)		sold
wannabee minions	4 rapiers (20 gp each = 80 gp total)					sold
			4 light crossbows (35 gp each = 140 gp total)				sold
			4 quivers with 20 light crossbow bolts each (2 gp each = 8 gp total)	sold
			2 composite longbows - STR 18 = +4 dam (500 gp each = 1000 gp total)	sold
			2 composite longbows - STR 18 = +4 dam (500 gp each)			Oriana and Dwor
			4 quivers with 20 arrows each (1 gp  each = 4 gp total)			Oriana x2 and Dwor x2
			4 Oils of Magic Weapon (50 gp each)					Oriana x2, Morticia, Dolora
			4 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds (300 gp each)				Shodan, Dwor, Barid, Morticia
			coins	= 70 gp each = 280 gp - 40 gp identify potions = 240 gp		kitty

Nobles thank-you 	belt pouch full of stuff ?????						Barid

Volo cash advance	10 pp each = 60 pp total						distributed

Chapter 17
---------                                       value   value    value    wt     wt
                                                each    total    resale   each   total
Source       #    	Item                   (gp)    (gp)     (gp)     (lbs)  (lbs)   gp/lb  Notes
------       ---  	----                   -----   -----    -----    -----  -----   -----  -----	
gangwar			belt pouch full of stuff from dead guy ?????				Shodan
- the Eye vs the One
Exoblob Shop		sold Tormod and Red Sashes loot, distributed to team - 204 gp each	distributed

Barid in 		1000 gp picked from Barid's pocket					Shodan - 700 gp
La La Land											Taylor - 300 gp

Red Sashes Warehouse	
- dead red sashes	nothing
- kenku x4		
		x4	Short Sword (10 gp)	total =  40 gp					sold
		x4	Short Bow (30 gp)	total = 120 gp					sold
		x4	10 Arrows (0.5 gp)	total =   2 gp					sold
		x4	Chain Shirt (100 gp) 	total = 400 gp					sold
		x4	Pouch (25 gp) 		total = 100 gp					kitty

- orc x2		
		x2	Heavy Mace (12 gp) 	total =  24 gp					sold
		x2	Light Crossbow (35 gp)	total =  70 gp					sold
		x2	10 Bolts (1 gp)		total =   2 gp					sold
		x2	Chain Shirt (100 gp)	total = 200 gp					sold
		x2	Pouch (25 gp)     	total =  50 gp					kitty

- orc wizard	x1	spellbook		total = ??? gp					Morticia
		x1	Club (0 gp)		total =   0 gp					sold
		x1	Leather Armor (10 gp)	total =  10 gp					sold
		x1	Pouch (65 gp)		total =  65 gp					kitty

- pretty boy		rescued Ranear Neverember, son of previous open lord
			said the Eye looking for Stone of Golar, an artifact to find
			hidden gold treasure, Captain Hyustus Staget sent them on their way

- upstairs office	paintings ????								Shodan & Dwor

Gazer			nothing - no usable body parts


the Eye Sewer base

orc archers
		x2	Mace (5 gp)		total =  10 gp					sold
		x2	Light Crossbow (35 gp)	total =  70 gp					sold				
		x2	10 Bolts (1 gp)		total =   2 gp					sold
		x2	Chain Shirt (100 gp)	total = 200 gp					sold
		x2	Pouch (30 gp)    	total =  60 gp					kitty

		x2	Warhammer (12 gp)	total =  24 gp					sold	
		x2	Light Crossbow (35 gp)	total =  70 gp					sold
		x2	10 Bolts (1 gp)		total =   2 gp					sold
		x2	Chain Shirt (100 gp)	total = 200 gp					sold
		x2	Pouch (40 gp)    	total =  80 gp					kitty

half-orc wizard
		x1	Staff (0 gp)		total =   0 gp					sold
		x1	Pouch (88 gp)		total =  88 gp					kitty
		x1	Ring (Magic)		total = TBD gp					TBD
		x1	Spellbook		total = 1,600 gp, sell for 800 gp		sell ??? 
				1: y Mage Armor c, y Shield a, n Firebolt c/e, y Grease c, 
				2: y Glitterdust c, y Invisibility i, y See Invisibility d, 
				3: y Haste t, x Fireball e
			- since Morticia has all the other spells already, 
			  recommend Morticia copy Firebolt into her own book (cost 100 gp),
			  then we sell the book for 800 gp, reimburse Morticia her 100 gp, 
			  then split the other 700 gp + 2 gp left in kitty for +117 gp each

intellect devourer	nothing, any usable body parts ????

mind flayer		nothing - plane shifted away

Flune Blagmaar		rescued

Still have rooms to search more thoroughly inside the sewer base...?


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