Fellowship of the Shield - Adventure Journal 2

Last updated: April 14, 2008

The weary adventurers headed up to bed one by one, drawn slowly from the
warm fire by fatigue and sent on their way by the sad melody Fare'n played
in the dim common room. Sleep came quickly. The drumming of the rain on the
roof of the inn was as relaxing as the halfling's ballad, and soon everyone
drifted off to sleep.

The next morning wasn't very promising.  The rain had, if anything,
increased in ferocity over the night.  The old elm in front of the inn was
bent almost half over.  The hammering of the rain on the roof, hours and
hours of it, wasn't so soothing anymore to anyone.

Metaltwist looked like he hadn't slept at all last night, and he stumbled
into the common room with some arrangement of wire and a big block of wood
that clearly was supposed to be something, but wasn't.  As that last point
finally dawned on him, he tossed his work aside and pulled himself up to a

Last to enter the common room was Drane, bearing himself as nobly as ever.
The Cormyrian surveyed the room as a ruler would survey his kingdom.  He
noted Liena, Fare'n, Horstag and C'or in conversation at one table.  He saw
Metaltwist pull up a chair at another table where Gelth sat alone.  Near the
fire, Bella sat with the smith's daughter Lya, singing her a soft elven song
about the healing powers of the rain.  The smith and has wife sat smiling

Jenas, the innkeeper, and his wife Grenna served a large hot breakfast for
everyone.  Hot porridge, bacon, sausages and fresh eggs covered the large
tables in the common room, as well as some seasonal fruit and large mugs of
a warm slightly spicy tea.  When talk turned to the idea of chosing a name
for the company, Drane excused himself and went up to his room to clean and
repair his equipment.

About mid morning the rain finally let up.  The clouds began to part and,
just as the party was preparing to load up the cart and horse, the sun came
out.  Filled with sudden promise, the 8 adventurers, the smith and his
family set out on the road to Essembra and the Shieldmeet festival.

The road was in terrible shape, mostly mud and partly washed away.  The cart
which had been such a help yesterday was now almost impossible to get along
the muddy roads.  The men spent much of the time pushing it out of deep
muddy ruts.  However, as the day went on, the warm Midsummer sun began to
dry up the roads and soon they were making a better pace.

As the afternoon wore on, Fare'n and Liena stopped to quietly talk about the
road ahead.  They both explained to the company that Aencar's Manor, where
the Shieldmeet celebration was to be held, was about a half day's more
travel ahead.  The rain and the mud had slowed them down a lot.  If they
kept on now they would have to travel well into the night, and the going
would be slower and dangerous.  The alternative would be to find a suitable
camp site off the road nearby, and make an early start tomorrow so as not to
miss too much of the festival.

The problem was that today was Midsummer, and the Midsummer night
festivities that marked the start of the Shieldmeet festival would be grand
indeed.  While the party was unlikely to make it in time for the ceremonies,
even if they could just catch the end it might be worth the hard journey in
the dark.

On the other hand, Midsummer night was also one of the holy nights of
followers of the Forest Father, Silvanus, and the Forest Queen, Mielikki.
Both Bella and Liena were expected to spend at least some time this night in
some of the private rites and rituals of their religions.  That would slow
the party down even more.

The company continued down the road to see how much more distance they could
cover before it began to get dark.  When Liena thought she saw a good spot
for making camp she called for a halt and a vote.


"Well," Liena said, "the time has come to make a decision, folks.  Do we 
camp here or continue on to the festival?"

She looked around at the already weary faces and mud-spattered 
clothing.  "It seems that if we push on to Aencar's Manor, we'll all be too 
tired once we arrive to do anything other than fall into bed.  On the other 
hand, if we arrive tonight albeit very late, then we'll be somewhat rested 
for festival events first thing in the morning.  If we make camp now, it 
would be nearly midday before we could get there.  Regardless, I will need 
some time to myself once the moon rises.  Mielikki has few demands on her 
followers, but on Midsummer's Eve at moonrise, I must perform her rites."

"Unless there are any strong objections, I suggest we push on, with a short 
rest at moonrise."  Liena looked carefully at each of her fellow travellers 
to see what they would choose.

[If they choose to go on, she will suggest eating a light snack before 
heading on.  A bigger repast will have to wait til they stop at 
moonrise.  Otherwise, she will direct the company to the chosen campsite 
and begin setting up, volunteering to take the first watch.]


"Not being an adhernt follower of Mielikki, though her help is always
welcome especially when traveling so close to Cromanthyr, I am not
completely familiar with the customs, however moonrise will be in little
over two hours from now.  I would suggest that we could rest for a while -
say five hours and then move on, this would give a little time for any
breeze to remove some of the water from our path and the four hour trip
ahead of us may only take five or six, instead of the eight or more that it
would take now due to the mud.  Liena, I would suggest that you sleep now
and rise when you need to for prayer, I will take first watch thus when we
travel on I can lead the way for this first while.  In addition, while we
would be tired we might not be as tired if we were to carry on right now."

[After all this discussion, regardless of outcome, Fare'n says a small
prayer to Shaundakul in hopes that the wind picks up a helps dry of the road
and that the journey ahead is safe.]


Gelth, assuming no one wants to talk to him, volunteers to be rearguard.
Upon stopping, if anyone bothers to ask, he aggrees on pushing forward tonight.  
In a smaller group of individuals, he feels a little more vulnerable and hopes 
that the sooner that they get to the Sheildmeet, the less anxious that he'll be.
[While trudging along in rearguard, he'll speak as pleasantly as he can to anyone 
who initiates conversation.  In particular, he likes Metaltwist, as he provides 
companionship without much conversation effort on his part, although he doesn't 
understand any of what he says.]


"I say we press on to the Shieldmeet as soon as possible. I've never seen a
big city before and can't wait. Do you think there will be lots of other
adventurers? I can't wait to hear all their tales." says Horstag.

[Horstag will go along with whatever descision is made. Although he would
really like to get to the "Big City" as soon as possible, even if it means
trudging through a dark forest at night. Oh Well ... no one ever said he was


"A fine idea, friend halfing," Metaltwist says to Fare'n, "I know 
that after that trek I could definitely make due with some grub and 
napping, but I want to be in town for the celebrations.  My vote is 
to rest for a few hours then continue on through the night.

Garl shall also hear our prayers for good weather."

[Metaltwist is feeling especially complacent this evening and will go 
along with whatever happens.]

[If it comes down to a vote, Metaltwist will vote to follow Fare'ns 
plan of waiting 5 hours then pressing on through the night.]


C'Or, having failed in his quest to help Metaltwist
perfect his Rain Prevention Device, has quite
naturally, caught a spectacular flu/cold from sloshing
about in the rain for too long --- leaving him able to
tred through the mud, but little else.  By and large
his mental faculties have been reduced to ... i dunno
.. orc level?


So we have Liena wishing to push on, and I say we rest for five or so hours
and then push on.  Horstag agrees with Liena, while Metaltwist agrees with
me.  And the rest stay dumb.

Can I not convince either of you of the six of one half a dozen of the other
of the merit in my choice.  With Liena's we will have to stop for some time
at any rate to allow her to pay tribute to Mielikki, may she guide us true,
for a little while at any rate.

I do worry that if we push on now we will be over tired when we do arrive at
Aencar's Manor and require many hours of sleep missing out on all the first
day's festivities let alone the start.

Any one else have a comment?