The Chronicles of the Seekers of Faerun - Chapter Thirteen - Note 2

Adventure Date: September 19, 2009

Last Updated: January 11, 2011

Historical Note

Many critics have commented that the meeting of Kilzadi and Gideon with Chathi is not historically accurate. I prefer a story telling approach for this history since complete accuracy is impossible given the imperfect state of knowledge of all the Seeker’s actions. Nevertheless I will respond to these critics.

It has been pointed out that the entangling bracer that Kilzadi purchased was not from Chathi. Instead he got it at the Adventurer's Club in Harrowdale, "The Fall of Stars" from Lady Breeandra Nenthyn. Lady Breeandra Nenthyn was also a follower of Loviatar and was said to have a private sacred chamber hidden under the club. She was often seen wearing barbed gowns with whips at her belt, yet her veneration of pain does not extend to mistreating members. My research has shown that this is true. However it is also known that Chathi and Kilzadi had an interesting business relationship so the meeting described may be taken as typical of their interaction.

Also it has been said that Gideon would never have gotten so close to his powerful enemies the Red Wizards. This may be true. But on the other hand, it is well documented that Gideon went to the meeting not necessarily to see Chathi but planned to stay “in the area”. His confrontation with Chathi is a supposition of mine and may not have happened. But it is clear that Chathi was on the road with limited support from her fellow Red Wizards, and she also defied the wishes of her superiors by refusing to take the evil orb. So Chathi’s attitude to Gideon may be more complicated than one might suppose, and Gideon in turn may well have confronted her. In any case, I chose not to view Gideon Fireforged as some sort of craven coward, forever hiding from his enemies. So, Gideon Fireforged, a great hero or a craven coward? You be the judge.


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