The Chronicles of the Seekers of Faerun - Chapter Thirteen - Note 1

Adventure Date: September 19, 2009

Last Updated: January 11, 2011

Gentle Readers,

When I first started my research into this episode in the Seekers’ history, I thought it would end up being a simple tale of battle. But as I dug into it, I began to realize that it really was a tale about character, so I chose to focus on a few of the developing relationships within the group. There is the tale of how Risca and Neon who were initially so distrustful of one another, started on the path that would lead to their life-long friendship. Also the events of this chapter served to contrast the character traits of the two brothers of the flame, Gideon and Kilzadi.

It has long been known that Okul was ‘off his game’ during this time. Although still effective in battle, something seemed to be rattling him. I have a sought an explanation for this in the sometimes ambiguous relationship between Okul and Swan. This is the most difficult thing to tackle for a historian, for you can never be sure what the protagonists were thinking so long ago.

At first, there was little evidence to show a growth in the relationship between Swan and Neon. But my colleague, Doctor No, had research that showed that during the time of this chapter that ‘Swan was an earthy, normal girl with healthy normal needs’ and that ‘Her problem now was that she has gone without it for awhile’. So I redoubled my research efforts to determine whether Swan and Neon’s relationship had gone to the next level. To find out the results of that research, you will have to read the log.

And then I realized that I could not let this chapter pass without some hint to where the relationship between Neon and his mother stood. And I must confess that I could not resist the temptation to add the occasional literary flourish; I’m sure that this has become tiresome by now, so I beg your indulgence.

Your Humble Servant,

Elminster the Younger

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