The Chronicles of the Seekers of Faerun - Chapter Ten - Interlude 2

Adventure Date: May 23, 2009

Last Updated: May 25, 2009

The Choice

Ashabenford was a whirlwind of activity as they left, and Kilzadi was unable to take Gideon aside for a private conversation until now that they have arrived in Glen, and the rest of the Seekers had dispersed to go purchase additional equipment. (It didn't help that no one could give Kilzadi directions to Gideon's cottage either).

Kilzadi sees Gideon standing by one of the Dwarven stone houses of Glen, apparently distracted by a large fluttering butterfly, which flies away as Kilzadi approaches.

Kilzadi tells Gideon about a troubling conversation he had with the Red Wizard Chathi when he went to do some last minute shopping before they left Ashabenford, and needs Gideon's advice on how to best proceed.

Chathi: 	I have been instructed by my superiors to acquire 
		certain relics on behalf of the Church of Kossuth. 
		As I mentioned to you previously, your companion, 
		Gideon, was apparently chosen and reborn into something 
		more by the flames of Kossuth. And he is well on his 
		journey to becoming a champion of the flame. So you can 
		understand that the Church of Kossuth would be interesting 
		in acquiring relics with which to present to worshipers; 
		worshipers who would then be willing to make a small 
		donation to the church for the privilege of being in 
		the presence of a chosen one. 

 		Now obviously we do not mean to put your companion, 
		Gideon, on display. But something as simple as a lock 
		of his hair, a toe nail or a vial of his blood would 
		suffice. Would you be willing to procure one of these 
		items for us? 

		How you collect one or more of these items is up to you. 
		Perhaps you could claim you need the parts for a "protective" 
		spell. To avoid suspicion, you could collect similar samples 
		from the rest of your companions, but you can dispose of those 
		discretely later, as we have no interest in them.  Will you 
		be able to obtain the desired items?

 		If you agree, take these dozen empty vials with which to 
		store samples of "Gideon's Relics" until you can deliver 
		them to me. 

		Do not attempt to cheat us by supplying us with false relics. 
		We will be communing with Kossuth directly to verify their 

		And you would not want to be on the wrong side of a 
		Red Wizard's wrath. 
Kilzadi:	Do not worry about suspicion Chathi, Gideon will be both 
		delighted and honoured to supply samples once I mention it 
		to him that it's for the Church of Kossuth, I'm sure he'll 
		be willing to supply plenty of them... 
		(awaiting for Chathi's reaction and response)...

Chathi:		I am told that Gideon may be hesitant should he learn that 
		the Red Wizard's are acting as intermediaries for the Church 
		of Kossuth in this matter. I can not imagine why, he may have 
		his reasons, but I am ignorant of them. But for now, it might 
		be best he remain unaware of our part in this.

Kilzadi:	Ah, and do forgive my indiscretions since I am not of these 
		parts and do not know the internal workings of the Red Wizards, 
		but... why is it exactly that the Red Wizards are acting as 
		intermediaries for the Church in this matter?  Would it not be 
		simpler to have a priest approach him? Maybe even one of his 
		superiors?  It is after all, Church duties and he is a "chosen" 
		one as you put it.

Chathi:		Unfortunately, Gideon follows his own path, outside the ranks of 
		the official Church of Kossuth. The church of Kossuth also does 
		not have much representation from senior members in these parts. 
		My own acolyte who accompanies me is not of a sufficient rank to 
		request this of him. Thus, they have asked for our assistance in 
		these matters. Now will you be able to assist us, or should I seek 
		aid from other sources which would be much less pleasant. 
		This is a one-time offer. 

Kilzadi: 	You would want me to lie to my companion... 
		I cannot do this, trust, as you know is paramount 
		in an adventuring group and what if harm would 
		come to Gideon, for I trust the Church of Kossuth, 
		but what if these "relics" were to fall in the 
		wrong hands...

Chathi: 	I would not want to lose you as a customer over this. 
		Well Kilzadi, will you accept my offer? 
Kilzadi: 	I will see what I can do... 
		I bid you farewell. 
		(flourishing bow) 

Gideon ponders this new information.

Initially, Gideon and Kilzadi agree that it would be a good idea for Gideon to give Kilzadi the necessary relics for the Red Wizards, that way Kilzadi will gain their confidence, and they will likely approach Kilzadi again if they need something else, or divulge more information.

"That way we can keep a tab on what they are doing." says Kilzadi.

"Perhaps," says Gideon, "but I am having second thoughts, and now think we should involve the others and hear what they have to say on this ..."

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