The Chronicles of the Seekers of Faerun - Chapter Three

Adventure Date: June 27, 2008

Last Updated:December 30, 2008

Seekers' Chronicle

Flagons of ale and the warm glow of a roaring bonfire amplified the clamour of good cheer of the trade caravan stopped for the night just outside the fabled ruins of Glalath's Roost.

The Bard Aleena cleared her throat and began to strum upon her lyre. The conversations around the bonfire lowered to hushed whispers, as the traders knew this signalled the beginning of an epic song from her ancestor's lives in the distant past.

Millennia had passed since the world hung in the balance, teetering on the brink destruction. A small band of heroes calling themselves the Seekers of Faerun had thrown themselves into the rising darkness with little more than their wits and a prayer.

The Seekers left Ashbenford that morning for Glalath's Roost with the key to the magical portal to the Bandit's Fortress in a small cloth belt pouch about Kilzadi's waist. Once upon the knoll in front of the portal, Risca produced several lengths of rope with which to "bind" the prisoners, Swan and Neon. Acting as returning raiders with Elven prisoners, they hoped to be able to gain entry to the fortress, or at least be able to approach without alerting the guards.

Swan gasped in disgust when Kilzadi removed the severed hand from his pouch and carefully applied it the invisible magical aura. A swirling vortex, large enough to swallow two horses abreast appeared in front of Kilzadi. They rode into the magical whirlpool without hesitation and winked into existence atop a barren wind swept meadow facing a large chasm. A mighty fortress was carved into the cliff face across the deep chasm taking advantage to the natural rock formations.

They rode toward the raised drawbridge and Kilzadi called to guard to lower the drawbridge. The guard's reply seemed garbled to everyone except Swan. The guard was speaking Damaran; a language that she was familiar with, but none of the other Seekers seemed to understand. The howling wind and some luck carried Kizadi's words away from the ears of the guard, but the stern look on his face prompted the guard to lower the drawbridge.

As they crossed the bridge, they noticed that the portcullis was still in place and the guard seemed very weary. Ancient and mystical words slipped quietly from Kilzadi's lips and bolts of fire leapt from his fingertips incinerating the guard at the portcullis. Risca and Okul charged the portcullis, hoping to raise it before more guards arrived. Swan and Neon launched arrows through openings of the portcullis, hoping to take down a guard running to sound the alarm. Within seconds Swan had the portcullis jammed open as, Okul and Risca strained under its tremendous weight.

They all rushed into the keep to avoid the deadly gaze of the many arrow slits that dotted the exterior wall. Swan moved quickly and quietly down the large hallway and scouted ahead. Neon decided to follow her in case she ran into trouble. She found the stables and two young stable boys, Ewert and Padriac. With her soft demeanour, she was able to gain their confidence and coaxed out vital information on the whereabouts of the prized stallion and the names of the commanders of the keep. Neon decided to explore the area as Swan spoke and gently interrogated the stable boys.

The sound of clattering armour announced the arrival of several guards. Okul rushed down the corridor to his left and sent one guard to the hallowed halls of his ancestors with a mighty thrust of his spear. Three more guards approached from another corridor, hoping to flank Okul, but Risca greeted them with a bone chilling war cry and the keen edge of his sword. Okul spun about and thrust his spear over Risca's head and through the helmet of another guard. Not to be out done, Risca dropped the guard to his left with a single crushing blow.

Neon discovered a large locked door at the north end of a corridor. Upon opening the door, his nose was greeted by the stench of brimstone and he saw two fearsome dark dogs chained to the wall and another door in the facing wall. The distinct sound of battle drew his attention and he quickly sought it out, hoping his companions were not in trouble.

The sounds of battle came to the ears of Swan. She told the stable boys to hide in a stall and not to make a sound, their lives were in danger and she would return for them. The clashing of steel was an easy sound to follow and she found her companions in a pitched battle.

One of the last guards to arrive to the battle, quickly realised that more troops were required and turned on his heel and ran for his life. Risca gave chase and surprised three other guards in the midst of donning their armour in a small barracks room. He launched a flask of alchemist fire at the three guards. His quarry had disappeared through a doorway, but these three guards had to be dealt with first. Gideon, Kilzadi and Okul caught up to Risca. They quickly dispatched surprised guards. Gideon's crossbow bolt found it's mark and the guard crumpled to the ground.

The four allies returned to the main hallway concerned about Swan and Neon. They were greeted by a fresh group of guards. Risca noticed the guard who had eluded him looked much more confident with the odds stacked in his favour. With a roar Okul and Risca engaged the enemy. A pair of arrows whistled over their shoulders at the approaching guards. As the first guard eluded the two arrows, Risca pounced and struck such a tremendous blow that the steel helm was split in two. Kilzadi is struck by an arrow and retaliated with a fiery blast from his fingertips, setting the archer a blaze. The arrow crumbled to dust and the wound disappeared as Gideon laid a gentle hand on Kilzadi's shoulder and prayed to Kossuth.

The guard, who had eluded Risca before, decided to flee once again. Risca and Swan gave chase and were able to bring him down before he was able to alert more of his allies.

The Seekers decided to search the bodies for any clues and the barracks areas as well. They found twelve locked chests under the bunk beds of the barracks, which contained several sacks of gold coins, and several pouches of gemstones.

Due to the heat of battle, none of them noticed that they had only encountered and killed nine guards, but there were twelve chests…

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