The Chronicles of the Seekers of Faerun - Chapter One

Adventure Date: April 19, 2008

Last Updated: November 4, 2008

Day 1

It is early fall in Mistledale. Kilzadi, who had traveled from a far away land of sun and sand, had met up with Okul, the outcast, on a ship bound for Ashabenford. They arrived in town and proceeded to the Velvet Veil for some R&R. Neon Wilde, a mysterious fellow, was already at the Veil. Many of the local people knew him, especially the performing ladies and ladies of other talents, which made him a regular at the establishment. Swan and Risca, following her eagerly, had rode in with the Black Eagle caravan which had passed through Peldan's Helm. Arriving in town they headed to the Veil as well to quench their thirst. Everyone was enjoying the evening's entertainment when Gideon, dressed in the robes of Kossuth walk in and bellowed "Who here would be willing to join me on a quest in the name of Kossuth, to rid these parts of the bandits and roaming drows?". "I will" announced Okul, taping the butt of his great spear on the ground. "I too will join you on your quest" said Kilzadi "as we are brothers of the flame". At the mention of the word drow, Swan's chest had begun to burn and then she chimed in a solemn voice "I as well, for I would love to repel that scum back to the pits of the earth." Risca, the stout dwarf, hearing his companion wanting to join, grunted "Me too, me too". They awaited for a sixth person to complete their party. A few seconds went by and Gideon announced "The rewards and treasures will be extraordinaire". At that instant, Neon stood up and keenly exclaimed "I will join also on your noble quest for it is treasure I seek". Wanting to get ready for their adventure the group decided to purchase a few supplies including a Wand of Cure Light Wounds. They first went to see the Highpriest Nerville Watchwhale, of the Temple of Tyr, but no help there was to be found. The party then proceeded to the Harvest Table at the temple of Chauntea, where an abundance of food and drinks were served. The Priestess Janeta was able to provide them with a much needed Wand containing 20 charges. Later that evening the adventurers retired at the Whiteheart Inn for a good night's rest.

Day 2

The Seekers of Faerun headed out at first light and marched toward Galath's Roost where bandit and drow activities were common. The reward for a live prisoner was 100gp and for a dead one, which could be proven, was only 25gp. They arrived at the small dwarven community of Glen in mid-afternoon. Risca inquired with them about the activities around the Roost. One of the senior smiths said that there was some bandit activity nearby and that Jerod, sergeant of the Riders of Mistledale, had gone through town a few days ago with a bunch of his men. The Riders of Mistledale are the renowned militia in this region headed by their captain, a female Paladin of Chauntea by the name of Nelyssa Shendean.

The group continued on and left the road to go deeper into the forest to make their way to the Roost. In a glade, they encountered two moon elves running from a huge ogre, they immediately recognized Swan and went towards her. Kilzadi with his firebolt and Okul with his great spear going through the beast's belly easily dispatched it in an instant.

The moon elves were very thankful for the help and talked with Swan at some length informing her that there were people camping and mounted riders in the surrounding areas of the roost and that they had suffered the loss of one of their companions. Swan replied that if we found out what had happened to their friend she would send word to them. The elves left and the group verified the content of the ogre's belongings. A magical rope made out of what seemed to be intestines was found.

After a few more hours of marching the group finally arrived at the ruins where Galath's Roost once stood.

Neon and Swan went off to investigate the outside area of the ruins and discovers several grave sites including one with a body of a drow elf. Kilzadi went to investigate in a different area and was feared by two catlike creatures. After regaining his composure, the party went to investigate where those devil cats came from and encountered them again. The felines were quickly disposed off and the group began to search the inside area of the ruins.

After battling what seemed to be all the vermin in the area, ants, beetles, Okul's enthusiasm got the best of him as he fell in one of the ant holes into a cavern area below the ruins. Luckily for him a nice fluffy vine broke his fall, but then proceeded to try and entangle him. With the help of Swan's trusty rope and some divine intervention for Gideon's sake, everyone was able to make there way through the nasty vines.

The luck of the adventure took a turn for the worst as they encountered more ants resulting in Risca fumbling around much to the amusement of the group. Sadly for Swan and Kilzadi, this also resulted in the breaking of some weapons.

In the cavern, party encountered a ghost that said in a deep voice "Who disturbs the rest of Galath the Betrayed?" to which Gideon promptly replied "We are a group of adventures looking to avenge the death of the people who rest here". The ghost, which manifested itself as a water creature from the pool nearby said "If you help me with a boon, I will aid you in your quest and give you one tenth of my treasure." Gideon asked in a low voice "What is this boon you require of us?" The apparition replied "I need your help to kill the creature that lives in the tower who mocks me. Bring me back it's head!".

The group agreed to this little side quest and ventured back up top after finding a stairway leading back to the courtyard of the ruins.

Since it was late in the evening, a camp with setup without fire and the Seekers prepared for rest and guard duty. On Okul's shift, the encampment was set upon by two drows which were captured with great efficiency. They were stripped of their equipment and bound swiftly by Swan. The drow that still remained conscious was interrogated and boasted that the forest belonged to the drow and that we should leave. The captive also enlightened us with the workings of some of his drow equipment - the stone burners - which helps climbing upon stone structures by burning finger and toe holes with an acid. Swan and Neon took each a set of the stone burners and vials of acid to aid them in their "adventuring" abilities.

The rest of the equipment comprise of 2 sets of leather armor, 2 longswords, 2 shortswords, 2 composite longbows, and 8 vials of which Kilzadi determined that 6 of those were magical. After a closer examination, Kilzadi discovery that one was a potion of cure light wounds, which Risca took graciously hold off, another potion was in fact a wondrous items and 4 remained to be identified. Swan/Risca took a composite longbow to enhance their weapons arsenal.

The rest of the night was uneventful much to the delight of Kilzadi and Gideon since they were able to restore their spells. Gideon showed another side of healing to all, by mending Kilzadi's scimitar which he had broken earlier.

Day 3

At sunrise, the party went to investigate one of the structures in the ruins. Inside an old smithy stood a huge oak tree. While searching, cones started falling down from the tree as if trying to hit us. Something was moving in the foliage. With a bit of gentle coaxing from Swan, the tiny creature finally showed itself, it was a pseudo-dragon named Russell. It was very skittish and mischievous, but Swan was gaining its confidence until Okul blurted out "Is that the creature we are supposed to kill? The miniature dragon darted and flew upwards at a surprise speed until he became no more but a dot in the sky. Swan muttered "Way to go you big oaf!"

The disappointed group continued on to the tower area where they were lanced by two stirges. With some difficulty and minor wounds, Okul speared one of them and the rest of the group killed off the other. Risca said "Hey, maybe we can give one of these to the ghost", Kilzadi echoed that thought saying "Yes, that creature did in fact live in the tower".

The Seekers returned to the underground cavern and approached the pool area. Okul took the dead stirge and offered it to the ghost saying that we had killed it in the tower. The ghost's voice boomed "That is not the creature which I want dead, leave my sight before I curse you!" The group left the area to explore more of the cavern. Maybe some other clues or treasure can be found!

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