The Chronicles of the Seekers of Faerun - Introduction

Adventure Date: March 24, 2008

Last Updated: November 4, 2008

The peaceful land of Mistledale has been greatly troubled of late by raiding drow who strike on moonless nights and then retreat under cover of darkness. Chasing marauding drow over the fields and hedgerows of Mistledale had proved futile so far, but a new development has caught your notice. Rumour has it that the drow are using the abandoned keep of Glalath's Roost, a ruin a few leagues east of Glen, as a base for their raids.

Troops sent to investigate the sight have found a few monsters but no sign of inhabitation. Nevertheless, raids in the northeast end of the dale have been heavy, and a company of militia recently sent to watch the keep though the night was completely wiped out, the soldiers gone without a trace.

Some dalesfolk are not so sure the drow are to blame for the strange doings at Galath's Roost. Until now, drow raids have been sporadic, and most of them have taken place not only on moonless nights but always with half a night's march of the forest. These new raids seem to occur more often, and on moonlit nights most of all. Furthermore, at least some of the raiders seem to be mounted.

Galath's Roost has long been rumored to be haunted by ghosts of long dead bandits. Perhaps the ghosts of Galeth's Band have awakened to raid again. In any case, a great treasure is reputed to lie hidden in or below Galath's Roost, and that is enough to get anyone's attention.

In addition, the authorities in Ashabenford have offered a bounty of 100 gp for any raider captured alive, but only 25 gp for a dead raider (and then only if it can be proven that the slain person was a raider).

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