Dreams of Darkness Rising - IV

Adventure Date: February 20, 2009

Last Updated: April 10, 2009

The next time you fall asleep, you have the following Dreams of Darkness ...

The full moon illuminates a trodden field, basking it and the surrounding forest in a uniform silver glow.
A loud thump breaks the silence of the night.
And another.
Followed by another.
The beat pulsates louder and louder like some writhing beast.
Getting closer. Ever closer.
Dark Shadows emerge from the cover of the tree line.
Lithe figures move rythmically into the field, the moonlight bouncing off their smooth dark skin.
The drow form two circles around the field.
The outer circle is filled with male drow, pounding their palms on the surface of their drums, filling the night sky with echoes of their heartbeats, while the inner circle is filled with female figures, dancing to the pulsating beat, showing their devotion to Eilistraee, Goddess of all drow who reject the evil ways of their bethren.

The music stops.

As one, the circle chants, "Eilistraee, a new sister wishes to join our cause. Welcome her into your embrace. Show her the true meaning of what it is to be Drow."

Gwenect steps forward into the centre of the circle.
A loud thump breaks the silence of the night.
And another.
Followed by another.
With each beat, Gwenect's body spasms to match the rhythm flowing into her.
She is dancing freely now, under the light of the moon, giving herself to Eilistraee.
The Silver Blade is whirling around her in a deadly but erotic sequence.
As the music permeates her soul and opens her heart to Eilistraee's warm embrace.
She dances, oblivious to everything around her.

Anuth and Shidul, Gwenect's long time companions from her time amongst the Vhaearunian Drow, watch the ritual from the sidelines.
Shidul is fascinated by the spectacle before him.
Anuth is disgusted.
Drow are meant to be Strong.
All Powerfull.
Gwenect is making a spectacle of herself.
Gwenect is showing everyone what a weak fool she is.
This stain, this dishonour to everything he holds dear must be stopped.

With a furious charge, Anuth plows through the circle of heathens before him.
Grabbing Gwenect from behind, he plunges a blade into her back, piercing her heart.
A last gasp of air breaks free from her lips, "Kil...", she manages to whisper before she falls to the ground, dying...

The circle erupts in a flurry of confusion, and in that moment, Anuth flees deep into the forest.
He wanders for nights on end... alone...
Shadows whisper to him, taunt him. They feed on his feelings of betrayal...
"Vhaeraun has betrayed you! Betrayed all your brothers! He has led them all astray, made them weak..."
Slowly, the whispers seduce him, making his mind receptive to new thoughts, new desires, a new purpose...

A regal female drow appears before him, her unnatural beauty fully revealed to his hallow lust.

"Impressive", says the regal female drow, as she circles her prey, nimble fingers gliding along Anuth's firm shoulders, "You were able to harm a chosen of Eilistraee, even while she was within sacred ground. I would have a male of such strength, such prowess as my ally."

Anuth's eyes burn with a cold fury, as he contemplates the exquisite figure before him and her offer. "And why should I ally myself with you?" he asks.

"Devote yourself to me, and I will be your consort. Together, we will be all powerfull, and rule the darkness. Glory will be ours, as will that of our people and our minions."

Stepping forward, he pulls the regal female drow towards him, sealing his fealty to her with a kiss, rejecting Vhaeraun in his heart, and filling it with darkness...

Around them, hiding in the shadows of the forest, an unholy circle of drow watch their mistress seduce her new thrall. Just before the light of day breaks the night sky, Jebalek the Gnome, along with an obscured stern stout stocky dwarf, motions to the gathering, and the drow collect themselves. Swiftly, silently, the gathering melds back into the last of the darkness, disappearing into the shadows of the forest, their relentless march getting stronger with each night that goes by…

Disclaimer: Individual dreams may vary. No guarantee that dreams were received by all.
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