Dreams of Darkness Rising - II

Adventure Date: May 27, 2008

Last Updated: November 29, 2008

The dream came again last night, tormenting your sleep, only this time, the nightmare continued.

You are alone, all around you, the land of Faerun is smothered completely by the rising darkness…

The moon is gone, and all the stars have been snuffed out, one by one, until only one flicker of flaming light remains, a faint beacon fading fast as it falls from the sky. The shooting star leaves a silver trail across the heavens, illuminating the land around you one last time.

Off in the distance, to your left you see your friends and loved ones fighting a futile and losing battle against the onslaught of the drow as they are quite literally cut down, one by one. For every ten drow that are slain, hundreds take their place, like a swarm of spiders, crawling and overwhelming everything in sight.

The star falls to the earth, becoming brighter as it hurtles towards you.

The drow are sent flying as the star impacts the ground.

A silver light radiates from the epicentre.

As your eyes focus, you see a bastard sword made of silver impaled into the soil.

The drow do not approach the silver blade, not initially. But then the mass of those behind begin to surge forward, pushing those in front closer to you, within striking distance.

A female drow lashes out at you, but you avoid her weakened strike, grabbing and flinging her behind you into the light.

Swinging your weapon, you keep the remainder at bay, then turn to face the dark elf behind you.

She is standing there tranfixed, here white irises glazed open, trembling before the silver sword, calling to her.

Her hand hovers hesitantly over the hilt of the silver blade, her face betraying the turmoil in her soul.

A moment of hope perhaps, or will it be lost and the world plunge further into darkness….

Disclaimer: Individual dreams may vary. No guarantee that dreams were received by all.
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